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    What are you using for a coffee maker and coffee brand when camping/overlanding?

    Try roasting your own, once you do, you'll never go back. Home roasted + ceramic grinder + french press = perfection.
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    Overland Expo West Rigs and trip reports

    Personally I have never been and dont have a strong desire to go. I do like looking at the pics of all the cool rigs, gadgets and whatnot. My offroad time is so limited these days that I just cant bring myself to intentionally travel to where the crowd is, though.
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    What are you using for a coffee maker and coffee brand when camping/overlanding?

    GSI french press works great As for coffee, no to store bought. I buy it green and roast it. Currently drinking a Tanzanian Peaberry, dark...
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    KISS Remote Camping List

    Yeah, I am not exactly in the ultralight category, I know, but its a pretty simple approach compared to some of the very extensive set ups I see. I ran into a guy in Saline Valley a couple of weeks ago, it probably took him close to 2 hours to "set up" his camp. He had more stuff in a Land...
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    12 volt slow cooker

    Have you tried one of these? It doesnt really "cook" anything, but does a very fine job of warming up something out of a can/ frozen dish etc. I use one quite a bit on the road. Beats a bologna sandwich.
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    DIY Discada "Skottle" Cooker $65.00

    ^^ Glad you are enjoying your Skottle and Snow Peak. They both make very fine equipment, no question. There is a place in the market for Coleman as well. For gear that I use, at best, 45 days a year and my life does not depend upon, Coleman quality is usually more than good enough. I am a...
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    DIY Discada "Skottle" Cooker $65.00

    Good find. I simply dont understand how a Skottle at $300 continues to sell. Of course, I dont get the whole Snow Peak fixation either ....
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    KISS Remote Camping List

    I guess I should provide a basic list, since I am asking others to. Sleeping: Tent cot Closed cell air mattress Coleman 10 degree bag + liner Home Depot rubber mat Comments: Until very recently I was using an Aussie swag, which worked well. Then someone lent me a tent cot, which is SOO much...
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    KISS Remote Camping List

    While I love to look at folks' camping systems, the latest gear gadgets etc, ultimately I am a huge believer in the KISS system. I would be interested in folks' lists that take a similar approach. Here are my basic principles: -Usually (meaning almost always) remote camp, no CGs, water may be...
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    SOLD Front Runner 45L Water Tank

    Includes mounting strap. Used on 2 or 3 trips, then stored in the garage. Always sanitized and dried before storage. Wife says I have to sell off stuff I dont use.
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    Solo Campfire Stove

    Works great, I just dont use it. Used on one trip and then stored in the back of the garage. Need room in the garage for new treasures. $75 shipped ConUS No dibs etc.
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    Garmin Colorado 400t With Ram Mount $150 shipped

    Edited to correct model description.