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    Vehicles I've sold to expo members

    I occasionally run into a Troopy on my travels and instantly have vehicle envy. They seem to have the perfect proportions and size for world travel.
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    Vehicles I've sold to expo members

    Another vote for the Troopy! Amazing vehicle. Nice work.
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    Idacamper Custom Flatbed

    Very thoughtful and well done!
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    Full Size Dodge Thread

    It’s definitely been a great addition to our camper set up!
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    2001 Lance 815

    Nice camper and truck combo!
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    2004 4Runner mileage question no affiliation
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    Overland Emergancy

    It goes in the other hole! Duh
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    Mitsubishi Fuso 4X4 2013 Camper. ***Price drop***

    I know the owner and vehicle and can attest to the build quality! Nice truck! GLWS