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    GFC or Vegabond Drifter?

    Since you are in PNW check out the superpacific they have some cool looking rain management going. I think their lead times have gotten shorter.
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    Super Pacific - New Wedge Camper

    That's sweet. What will you use for shelving?
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    FS: ***SOLD****Super Pacific X1 Camper Build Spot

    I'll take it. sent you a dm.
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    Scout Olympic vs Kenai

    I am pretty sure you can't buy one yet they are still working out the kinks. Would love to see some specs or a floorplan, that link doesn't work for me. Maybe it was a prototype or mislabled?
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    Scout Olympic vs Kenai

    I am waiting for the cirrus 620 before deciding on it or the Kenai. the Scout is incredible but prefer a north/south bed and some kind of enclosure for the toilet. Also I need to upgrade my truck to 3/4 ton. 1/2 ton won't be ideal no matter what marketing says.