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    I did a thing. Camplux 5L mods for ease of setup and use.

    Just wanted to check a few things: the joocla QD works on the Camplux? Did you get it installed? How did you get from the water outlet (1/2 I believe) to a shower hose with QD's? Thanks Mark
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    LP quick disconnect for Propex H2211

    Anyone found a fitting to go from Propex to rubber hose with LP disconnect? I think it’s a 5/16 female to 1/4 LP female. I want to use LP quick disconnect from regulator to LP female. The 20# propane tank will be on outside of trailer and I want a QD to connect for the gas line that runs to...
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    Propex 2211 Reset

    Hi All Just about to order a propex and considering the 2211 vs 2000, because I can mount on it's side, I also may install externally. I know that there is a reset procedure on the 2000 that requires access to the circuit board. Is the same true with the 2211? Thanks Mark
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    Bantam T3-C For sale (Chicago)

    Bought a new larger, sleep-in trailer, so need space in garage. Registered in IL Almost identical to M416 BUT with a Tailgate Tows like a dream. Fantastic for a roof top tent when you want a base-camp and need use of vehicle Stripped and repainted. Rewired: 12v with LED lights Extended...
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    Propane quick disconnect and 20Lb tank

    Loads of people carry propane in the truck. Most of the time I'm cooking/washing dishes on the tailgate, so don't bother to take it out. I'm not planning an RV style install, just some longer hoses and quick disconnects
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    Pictures of Food Cooked in the Great Outdoors

    Reverse Sear Steak
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    Pictures of Food Cooked in the Great Outdoors

    Roast Chicken Saad
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    Pictures of Food Cooked in the Great Outdoors

    Tournedos Rossini on the camp fire (Sam's Throne, MO)
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    Pictures of Food Cooked in the Great Outdoors

    This weekend at Marengo Ridge, IL Dry aged strip steak with grilled sprouts (in Foie Gras fat).
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    Cot for an Exped Megamat Duo

    did you find anything. I want same
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    Input on iceco go20 dual zone

    I have one - app is chines app (not even rebranded). Seems to have wild temp swings (according to display). Was looking for a wireless fridge thermometer to verify but gave up :-)
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    Propane quick disconnect and 20Lb tank

    Hi All Have several items that use propane (which I take on each trip depends on duration and weather) Gasland Instant hot water heater Everest 2 burner stove or blackstone 17" adventure ready Propane heater or firepit (not purchased yet) Tired of lugging out the 20lb tank all the time, so...
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    LiFePO4 Install

    I have battlebirn heated LIFEPO in my truck with redarc system and will out same battery in my pursues when it arrived next month. Did you install the propex yet?