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    Suitable trailer for small travel trailer build

    I ordered a 5x8 motorcycle trailer. I had them upgrade the axle from a 2000# to a 3500# with10” electric brakes (also added a bunch of payload capacity). Other options were side camper door, a 30x30 window, fully insulated walls and ceiling, reinforced roof for walking on, roof rack for a roof...
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    Jerry can vs Rotopax for trailer

    I bought mine from (no affiliation). They don’t leak a drop of non potable water.
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    Suitable trailer for small travel trailer build

    Want a lightweight aluminum 5x8 box ? No affiliation but I’m happy with mine. Can custom spec them with insulation, hard roof, vents, brakes, electrical, camper doors, etc
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    Suggestions wanted on Alum trailer builder/brand.....

    I had Proline trailers out of NH build my 5x8. They were super helpful and open to custom everything. Mine is fully insulated with a custom roof rack. They were a pleasure to work with.
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    Family vehicle Toyota vs Jeep

    Keeping the taco is probably your best bet but JLs make great family vehicles too. We’re 3+dog, have just under 10k miles on it now.
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    James bay trip ... with a little delay!

    Great writing and wonderful pictures! Especially love the stay in the raspberry field
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    6x12 cargo trailer lifted for off road, Jeep JKU approved?

    I paid for my 5x8 to have an upgraded 3500lb axle with 10” electric drums from the factory. The standard axle was a 2200lb unit. That also had the benefit of increasing my payload.
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    6x12 cargo trailer lifted for off road, Jeep JKU approved?

    We see a -2mpg difference. The JK got 15mpg empty, 13 towing. The JL gets 19 empty, 17 towing.
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    6x12 cargo trailer lifted for off road, Jeep JKU approved?

    If you get a 5’ wide trailer you can see around it with the factory mirrors. We have a 5x8. It’s small but it suits us well! Highly recommend adding electric brakes and a brake controller - nobody ever missed a crash and wished for less stopping power
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    Need some brainstorming on expanding my setup

    Small cargo trailer (5x8). Build a rear kitchen with a dinette/bed combo inside. It'll be tight for 4 but it'll be a place to sit at a table out of the rain and eat/play games/be entertained. Put an RTT on the trailer. Carry bikes/kayaks on the truck. If the weather or terrain is too...
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    I had an RTT mounted on a rhino rack backbone system. Expensive, and you have to drill your hardtop. If you’re only camping a few times a year a cheap RTT will be fine.
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    JKU VSS and TCS issue

    Yea my jeep was stock when it happened. The dealer said it was 18” or so away from the sensor.
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    JKU VSS and TCS issue

    For me it was a wheel speed sensor harness that had worn its insulation off and would ground out only when driving in the rain. The Jeep would chime and pull fuel from the engine but no warning lights. Felt like it was chewing through bad gas but if I shut traction control off it would be fine...
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    Traveling with a dog

    They make cheap little waterproof blinking led lights for their collars. Turn it on at night and it helps you find them and other campers miss them with their cars.