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    Master Pull Black Friday through Cyber Monday - 20% off

    The original Super Yanker is military spec, and has a slightly better fiber. They both have the same stretch and breaking strength characteristics though. That said, 7/8" in either the original or KOBRA is perfect for a Tacoma.
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    Master Pull Black Friday through Cyber Monday - 20% off

    Hi guys! We just released a lot of new recovery gear here at Master Pull and are having a Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale. 20% off all our products from Friday the 27th through the following Monday the 30th, available at Perfect time to get some recovery gear...
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    Snatch block for 3/8" Synthetic?

    I carry one of ours in my recovery bag as well, and really like it. They're made locally, all in the USA, and are a true quality piece. Check them out! -Lyle
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    Recovery Bag options (other than an ARB bag)...

    If you haven't already, be sure to give our line of gear bags a look. They're all made from water resistant vinyl and come with a sturdy plastic insert that sits in the bottom of the bag to help protect against the problem you've described. I have a small bag that is filled with my shackles...
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    Winch or alternative options

    It really is hard to beat the ease and convenience of a winch. If you're looking into budget winches, make sure you take a look at Warn's VR series. The VR8000 and VR10000 can both be had for less than $600, and I've seen them in the $400s before. Other than that, bust out the come-along...
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    How high up can I mount my hawse fairlead?

    This is something to consider. Whether you're running wire or synthetic rope, an 1/8" radius isn't enough and is likely to cause line failure. The cost of an extra fairlead now is better than having to get your line repaired or replaced sometime down the road. As zimm said, ideally the line...
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    Around the world since june 2000

    Wow, what an amazing, endless journey! I'm bummed that we weren't able to make it the the Washington Overland Rally this year; I would have loved to hear some of your stories. We're located just across the border from where you are now, in Ferndale, WA, so feel free to stop by if you drop across...
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    Aramid rope vs Amsteel Blue vs "Plasma"

    You could also look at the Superline, and Superline XD. Working temp range is -238F to 176F, and melting point begins at 291F. I don't have the working range of the other lines in front of me to compare though. -Daren
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    Aramid rope vs Amsteel Blue vs "Plasma"

    FYI, we'll have safety thimbles back in stock pretty soon, and can equip the Amsteel Blue ropes with them. Sometime in the next week or so I've been told.
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    Reversing Synthetic Winch Rope

    Yup, that's how we do it up here. Amsteel flattens out pretty good on the drum under load. It doesn't affect the strength of it at all, but it does look a little odd. Also, Amsteel and Master Pull ropes purchased through Master Pull have a sleeve that goes on the initial wrap to protect the...
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    Master Pull Thanksgiving Sale!!

    Master Pull Thanksgiving Sale!! 20% off 5/16” and 3/8” Yellow Winch Line this week! Order them with tube thimble, sling hook, or winch stop thimble while supplies last! (Cannot be combined with other discounts or offers) 5/16” Master Pull Basic line has a breaking strength of 14,500lbs 3/8”...
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    Wanted to let you guys know

    No problem. Shoot me an email with the details of what you hammered out with Alex if you can: Thanks, Daren
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    Wanted to let you guys know

    Hey all, Just a reminder, that even though Alex left Master Pull, MP will still be active and available on the boards, both through PM's and email. Feel free to contact us with any questions, or for any quotes. Thank you, Daren.
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    Wanted to let you guys know

    I wanted to let you guys know that I am leaving Master Pull. If you guys have any tech questions, or are looking for something you can't find online send an email to or call our office at 360 714 1313 and they will get back to you. Their will be someone checking in on the...
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    Fire Extinguishers

    I try to keep a few with me all the time, but it is best to have something within reach of the driver and then something larger in case you need to tackle a larger fire. -Alex