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    Need help deciding, Why a Tacoma over a full size truck?

    In my old Dakota, I thought parking garages were tight. My F350 can only dream to navigate them.
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    General Ford Expedition Thread

    Id really like an expedition. But my goodness....they got expensive. Id prefer an SUV to a van for 4wd (winter can be rough here). Sure wish the Excursions were a thing.
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    What is the craziest recovery situation you made it through (or didn't make it through)?

    So heres a little story. The recovery was simple, it was just my error of using the truck. The first heavy snowfall since I had gotten my F350 I managed to get it stuck across from my apartment. With my old Dakota, I didnt need to be moving to switch on 4x4. Tried that with the ol F350 and said...
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    2020 Ford Transit AWD

    Almost made it!
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    Dallas - 2014 Ford E350 4x4 fully built

    At first I thought that was miles... For that much, better off stepping up to that Earthroamer. But ya, Id like a 4x4 van myself.
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    Looking for thoughts on truck for hauling camper

    With more than just the 6.0 available, I would not go that route. As others have said, forget the lifts. 350 is plenty tall enough and if you get a CCLB like me, trails and parking get limited. I wouldnt have it any other way, though.
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    Recovery thoughts, ideas, advice

    Been pulled out by an f250...very minor force on it, however.
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    If you want a good reliable truck

    I sometimes want to trade in for a newer 350, as mine is 2011 and just hit 100k miles. But then I read here and ford super duty 17+ section and becomes clear. I should not do that.
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    Hard Bed Covers

    If you got some money to blow, theres the Diamondback HD.
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    Quadrasteer Worked So Great for Chevy, Right? Now Maybe It’s the F250’s Turn

    Id even go as far to say Lariat and up. Never an issue parking/maneuvering my CCLB F350 in city. Ill take a hard pass on the 4WS.
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    Favorite Multi-tool

    I have a handful of different leathermans. comes in handy at my job. Fixes easy stuff without getting out the whole toolbox. Usually pliers or screwdriver is sufficient enough. Surge is my favorite though. heavy duty and so many uses.
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    A "Poor Man's" Earthroamer: 2017+ Ford F-250 and SpaceKap Diablo 8'

    Now that looks nifty. How much do they go for?
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    Four Wheel Camper ‘Project M’

    It looks pretty cool and you can pick what you want. Having an 8' bed, even the Granby shell is $12k is pretty pricey. Probably not for me though.
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    Anyone know about Port-Lite campers

    I gotta say, I am quite impressed by some of the 1/2 ton truck builds. They definitely work with what they have. I just like my F350 so I dont have too many restrictions and plenty of space (8ft bed) to work with.