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    Gaia GPS Premium - is it worth upgrading?

    My opinion is "yes". I went with the 5 year subscription and it has been worth it to me.
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    Radio repair recommendation in Phoenix area?

    I have a sick Kenwood D700 here in Phoenix. Ham Radio does not service any product. Any repair service recommendations in Phoenix that can work on a dual band radio?
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    Is there an "ultimate" tablet for Gaia/GPS?

    I use a Samsung Tab A, Wi-fi only, 10.1" screen and it works just fine; also, I run Gaia on my Samsung phone with no problems and both stay synced up. Both devices have 256 gig sd cards and that's were Gaia resides. Best regards
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    LugEr pistol

    Who is the manufacturer?
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    Android Tablets, Gaia GPS, and minimum specs and operating system?

    Since you already have an iPhone, I would find an acceptable size iPad vs.replacing two units. I just remembered, at the time I was looking, iPads could not have the member expanded.
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    Android Tablets, Gaia GPS, and minimum specs and operating system?

    I wanted run Gaia so , I bought a Samsung Tab A, Wi-fi only, 16Gb internal memory, 10.1" screen from Costco for $179. I keep that synced with a Samsung J7 phone; both have an additional 256Gb Sd cards. The Tab A is mounted in a Jeep TJ and phone is used for hiking. Gaia has been just as...
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    Galaxy Tab A

    Thanks for the info
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    Galaxy Tab A

    Thanks for the reply. Does the DC charger need to be 5 volt output?
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    Galaxy Tab A

    I picked up a Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (wi-fi). The AC charger indicates output of 5v 2amps. Can anyone recommend a car charger that will meet the AC parameters? Best regards, Mike
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    Cranks but won't start

    My 2001 TJ did not show any codes when the crank poisition sensor was bad. In fact it was showing other emission related codes. One day it just died in the drive way and would not start. Replaced the crank position sensor and it started and none of the other p codes have come back. Best regards
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    CB radio suggestions

    Uniden - any model will work ......
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    OFF-GRID ENGINEERING Dual Battery Systems (An Introduction)

    Looks like high quality products ..... Any product plans for a 2001 Jeep TJ? Best regards, Mike
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    Help Identify This Trailer I'm Building with Timbren Axles

    This might help: Al-Ko european axle manfucaturer?????