I own a recruitment firm called Talon RPO. We have a really awesome recruitment process and support small mom and pop's as well as billion dollar enterprises across nine different industries. Personal interests include hockey (goaltender), mountain biking, guitar, 4WD, real estate, travel, coffee, breweries, and libraries.

4WD, Hockey, Mountain Biking, Sailing, Hiking, Motorcycles, Guitar
Salt Lake City, Utah
Managing Director - Talon RPO
What do you drive or ride? Or tell us about your dream overland vehicle! Please be specific - put brand and model, 2 words minimum or your registration will not be approved
2011 Land Rover LR4
1995 Land Rover Discovery 300 TDI
2008 AT Horizon
14' KTM Lycan Elite
17' Orbea


Knowledgeable about recruiting terrific people, 4th generation 4Runners, Vermont trails, and mountain biking. Learning about Land Rover Discovery 1's, LR4's and Utah!


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