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    1995 Land Rover Discovery 300Tdi R380 – Saudi Spec - $21,500 obo - Wisconsin

    Just saw a 1997 NAS Defender similarly built to this truck hit $60k on BAT and not meet the reserve. Main takeaways: 1) this truck represents incredible value. 2) this truck will not depreciate unless you trash it. 3) if you are looking for a Land Rover to use on the trail, buy this and keep the...
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    AT Horizon Roll Call / Mods / Pics

    I have a 2008 Horizon that I set up for my Land Rover Discovery. It's a great rig that has taken my fiance and I on adventures all over the country. We love it! I recently picked up a Gladiator as my daily, and have realized that I no longer have a need for my Discovery. I love it but if I let...
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    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    I took this picture near my home in Kohler, Wisconsin on the outskirts of the Blackwolf Run Golf Course property. 1995 Land Rover Discovery TDI and a 2008 Adventure Trailer Horizon.
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    2008 Adventure Trailer Horizon - $12,500obo - Wisconsin

    I added a link to the Land Rover ad for anyone interested in purchasing them together.
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    1995 Land Rover Discovery 300Tdi R380 – Saudi Spec - $21,500 obo - Wisconsin

    1995 Land Rover Discovery 300Tdi R380 – Saudi Spec Location: Sheboygan, WI. Wisconsin title free & clear. Total mileage unknown. Tdi close to 100k with performance top end less than 8k mi. ago. Price: $21,500 for truck o.b.o. Amazing truck that I'd drive anywhere tomorrow. Buy this five-speed...
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    2008 Adventure Trailer Horizon - $12,500obo - Wisconsin

    2008 Adventure Trailer Horizon - $13,500 o.b.o. This is a 2008 Adventure Trailer Horizon with a four person Eezi-Awn tent mounted on top. The two wheels and the spare are Land Rover Wolf Style Wheels found on the Defender 130 mounted with BORA wheel adapters. The trailer was serviced in late...
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    Quieting my pintle hitch????

    Resurrecting an old thread here, but the solution everyone is looking for is at and is called the cruisemaster DO65.
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    LT230 Transfer Case Question

    Has anybody seen an LT230 transfer case where forward is high range and back is low range? How could this be?
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    1996 Land Rover Discovery

    On number 4 of your known issues, you say that repairing the rear door latch is easy. Can you please tell me what needs to be done here? I have the same issue and I'm sure myself and the future owner would be interested in knowing how to tackle this one. Thanks!
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    1996 Land Rover Discovery

    I like your truck - I have a 95 Disco TDI myself. These are awesome, hands-on adventure vehicles that have a tremendous amount of character. Terrific 4WD rigs, I love mine.
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    Nice 2004 Toyota 4Runner Sport Edition – ARB Lockers, Armor, Winch, etc. – Salt Lake

    Just installed a new windshield today. Putting in new headlight units this weekend and fixing two minor electrical gremlins. When I sell this truck to the next owner it will be perfect, aside from the miscellaneous "badges of honor" on the body. Gave up on that long ago. Buy an older Toyota...
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    3 AEV Pintler Beadlock Wheels with 35x12.50 BFG KM2's - Salt Lake City

    I recently bought an adventure trailer that came with 3 rare AEV Pintler Beadlock Wheels and 35" KM2 BF Goodrich tires. I'm working on a classic Land Rover project and want to convert the AEV trailer wheels to Land Rover wheels and 31" tires. So, as awesome as these wheels are, they've got to...
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    Nice 2004 Toyota 4Runner Sport Edition – ARB Lockers, Armor, Winch, etc. – Salt Lake

    Pictures: I purchased this 2004 Toyota 4Runner Sport Edition in 2013. It has been professionally modified for off-pavement use and has approximately 141,700 miles on the odometer. The truck is a great...
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    Earthroamer: new tire/wheel/suspension

    This has been an interesting thread to read through. Can anybody comment on the long term reliability of a Kelderman air ride suspension system? What would a service schedule look like post installation?