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    SOLD!! 23ZERO Rooftop Tent, SoCAL

    Done and updated, thx!
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    SOLD!! 23ZERO Rooftop Tent, SoCAL

    I’m selling my 23Zero Bundaberg RTT and annex for $1000. Located in San Diego and willing to meet halfway for anyone to the north or east. I purchased this in 2017 from Turtleback Trailers as a demo model and have used it on a limited basis-not more than 15-20 nights per year. I would rate the...
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    Yaesu FT-60 handheld HAM

    PM sent.
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    1992 Land Rover Defender Diesel

    I came across this on my feed. Looks pretty cool. DEN CO.
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    Looks like a helluva deal. free bump 🍻
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    FrontRunner water container and Wolf pack rack mount

    I will take the wolf rack. I’m in San Diego. Pm coming....
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    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    wow I love that off road trailer. What kind is it? Dry Weight?
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    My Journey

    Been gone for a while, just caught up. Sorry about the news, Made this grown man cry. Yes Jerry, your writing is actually developed its own style, keep up the good work. Do you know about the old Plank Road? You’ve got to be really close to it.
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    Storage box options

    I settled on 4 Wolfpack’s with the flat top. I found that. 1.5” strap will fit into the “hinge” area on each side, but barely stay in the “groove" across the width. If you want to strap it length wise it would not work as well. I guess if you crank the hell out of the strap.... but on rough...
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    Storage box options

    This may be the way to go.
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    Storage box options

    I went to Home Depot and do not like the Plano boxes they seem flimsy and the 108 qt has Moulding inside taking up space. May still be 108qt but the plastic extrusions inter fear with storage. There is also no seam to run weatherstrip. OTOH, 54qt has the seam, smooth interior but was also...
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    Storage box options

    Well, if the slats are different spacing the rack would not work. Unless it’s adjustable. I’ll have to check into that.
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    Storage box options

    Thanks you guys! afaik the Front runner racks will not work on the Rhino Rack system. Similar, but will they?