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    2006 Toyota Tundra AC ~ Boulder, CO

    No locking diff on the TRD tundras. Only Tacomas.
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    SOLD:: 2004 V10 E-350 Fully kitted, ready to go, Bed, Freezer, Solar

    Not often do you see roller shots of an Econoline. Looks like a nice van!
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    SOLD: 2000 Toyota Tundra SR5 4x4 4.7L V8 Santa Cruz, CA

    Clean looking truck! Any idea what caused the rod to snap?
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    Taco with GFC in Cali

    Nice looking truck. Walnut Creek is NorCal though. Dont want to confuse anyone!
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    Wanted: 2005 (+-) Tundra 4wd Low Milage Unicorn (Help Me)

    Access cab or double cab? Found this that checks all the boxes except mileage:
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    Turnkey 2nd Gen Tacoma Overland Rig - Built, Clean, Low miles, 6pd Manual

    Let the bidding war begin! Clean truck, in the best color.
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    SOLD - 4x4 E350 7.3 w/CCV Pop-Top - Fully Built Out!

    GLWS. This thing is very well done.