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    spare tire shaped water storage?

    I use a WaterPort mounted on my rack. If I need more than that 5gal Jerry cans in car.
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    Baja Design Flood Lights ?

    I got the S2 work/scene lights for side lighting on my roof rack. Two for each side and two on the rear.
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    How in the hell is an S-Pod BantamX $915.00!

    So I’m in the market for a centralized wiring solution for my lights and accessories and even though price makes me sick I sort of decided on getting an S-Pod. At $750.00 the S-Pod Bantam HD Universal cost i felt way overpriced and I have been mulling it over. Just last week was on S-Pods...
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    DMOS Elite Shovel Review

    Google is your friend.
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    spare tire shaped water storage?

    $300 😂
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    WTB S-Pod Bantam or BantamX HD Universal

    WTB S-Pod Bantam or BantamX HD Universal
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    That is the best suggestion so far. Reach out to Yakima, their customer service is excellent and they should be able to answer the question definitely.
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    Yakima typically has them use existing OEM vehicle rails or crossbar mounting points.
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    Those are Yakima Landing pads. You would need to buy their Skyline Towers for your car. Then you could mount bars, baskets, platforms etc... BTW 20% sale going on right now on Yakima.
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    Scan guage mounting
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    S-Pod Bantam Universal HD available a discount anywhere?

    S-Pod Bantam Universal HD SKU: 8-800-HD-UNI available a discount anywhere? It seems it is not enough that the S-Pod is abhorrently expensive, the manufacture feels the need to play the MSRP/IMAP game. I loath both as they are anti consumer and anti competitive. However, it is an S-pod Bantam...
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    DMOS Elite Shovel Review

    Wait. So an overpriced product marketed to the overland crowd turns out to be a POS? Incredible 🤔
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    ARB code?

    Yea, MSRP
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    Looking for a non made in china snatch block, Any recommendations?

    Don't disagree. I am a patriot but the not made in China thing is a bit ridiculous. I generally don't buy the low grade chinese crap but they make plenty of good stuff. The cheap crap is mostly due to the middle men looking to maximize profits. I have worked in 2 separate industries where IT IS...