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    1st time truck owner (soon to be) and just discovered Overlanding, need help.

    Go out and use it. See what your interest level is and build from there..
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    Bug out challenge

    Best bug out plan is not having to bug out..We live outside any major population area. Have a little land and can stay self-contained for 30-45 days. Our escape vehicles have 4 legs and we can go out the back gate to thousands of square miles of desert and mountain range. Guns, ammo and the...
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    Registration and Title ( F550 Commercial/motorhome/residential? )

    Commercial registration is both costly and a pain. Being it's a flatbed your probably stuck with it. If you can register it as an RV it's much cheaper and less hassle..but you would probably have to mount your camper permanent..or at least to appear permanent..
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    Can’t Wait Until One Of These Military ATV Rigs Show Up In The Surplus Marketplace

    Can't wait for Tesla to get into the military truck would have a choice of charging options..pull a diesel generator or a full solar array and pray for good weather..
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    You Like the Gladiator? Jeep Isn’t Done Tweaking It Yet. Meet HERCULES!

    BMW is putting a 525hp twin turbo 3.0 in the 2020 X3. Toyota Supra is using the BMW motor in the new Supra..I would hazard to guess it is the same motor. The 3.0 is a solid design, been around for decades. My X3 was pure pleasure to drive but pure agony to repair. It would be an interesting...
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    You Like the Gladiator? Jeep Isn’t Done Tweaking It Yet. Meet HERCULES!

    Well at least they realize some people don't want sewing machine motors. Now when they build a single cab with a Hellcat motor I'm a buyer.
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    Bug out challenge

    When the Apocalypse hits I'm going to sit on my little ranch if I wasn't deep fried that is and not worry about it..the one thing I will do is open that 50 year old bottle of Clan McGregor and sip till it's gone..Never let good Scotch go to waste.
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    Bug out challenge

    I was serious I would saddle the horses if need be. I'm pretty self sustained at home..Food, generator, gold and guns. It wasn't a big concern it just happened. If the dodo hits the fan I will worry about it one of those old dead Romans once said.." live today for tomorrow we die"
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    Bug out challenge

    Be riding my horses..that's my bug out plan..
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    20ft container DIY

    First problem would be the starting weight. Containers are heavy to begin with.
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    2011 xterra pro4x aka my lazy 4x4

    I'm on my 3rd Xterra..Mods on the first 2..Nothing on the latest addition. It's capable of doing everything we need it to do..Enjoy..
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    I like the pictured body just put a 5.0 in it..Sorry not a fan of the new age lawnmower engines..
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    Dead starting batteries and a high output alternator

    Not if you turn on the headlights first..geez this is exactly how rumors get started..
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    Dead starting batteries and a high output alternator

    I don't know if the smart ARC in's a working truck or was it's pulls my favorite overland vehicles now..Horses...i made the one battery switch change once..
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    Dead starting batteries and a high output alternator

    Run it your not going to hurt the batteries. What I have found with my 7.3 is when I isolated the battery life decreased noticably. Then changing one battery does in the older battery. I always change both batteries when it's time.I have owned my F350 since new 2001. It's got 450,000 on it and...