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  • its really not that hard at all. I used Herculiner brand. Just make sure to get the UV Topcoat they sell as well and apply is after with a brush like painting it. I touch mine up every 2 years with UV Topcoat to keep it looking good, otherwise it will fade and turn gray. the flipside is you can pay out the butt for rhinoliner or some other "Name Brand" and not have to deal with that.To do it all you need is an air compressor and a ceiling texture gun from harbor freight(20 bucks or less)and plenty of tape and masking paper.Also some good heavy grit sandpaper. Sand all the areas really well where you want to apply it. Then clean off dust and apply paper masking. Make sure to cover the ENTIRE vehicle where you dont want to have any overspray or residual drops. Be very "Overkill" on that process because it will not come off easily. (Speaking from experience) Then spray away and i did 2-3 coats by following instructions on can. it is WELL worth the work. send me pics when you get her done.
    Hey I was wondering about your rhino lining job. I have an 02 limited and I was wanting to do the same. Could you give me a few step by step instructions I would really appreciate it! Thanks


    Ps nice monty
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