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    Latest Photo?

    Great pictures!
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    Latest Photo?

    Wandering the desert with snow....
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    200 Series Buying Guide

    Totally follow this advice....My starter and radiator were replaced before I bought it. You will love the 200.
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    Our Journey to Moab

    Looks like a fantastic time. Glad you enjoyed Moab. Looks like you all have great 4runners. Moab is definitely changed over the years and gotten more busy but the area is so vast that you can escape the crowds. It appears you did....
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    Keeping the cruiser

    Always good to look and question....I had a 99 100 Series and drove it all over. Sold it with 200K. No issues beside normal maintenance. Then, went with a 200 series...Wow! The vehicles are just the best Toyota makes. Is it perfect? No. But, does your 03 do what you need it to? Cause...
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    Prioritizing your build components (Looking for guidance)

    A nice set of tires and suspension will take you to many wonderful places. I have used ARB and ICON on my most recent builds. The ICON suspension is unbelievably smooth and adjustable. Also, rebuildable...I have used the standard OME-ARB lifts and have had a great success as well. Super...
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    Normal Family of 4 - 39 days MO, KS, OK, NM, CO, UT, NV, OR, CA, WA. + AZ and TX

    great report...great memories...your kids will enjoy seeing this trip report in 10 years...Well done!
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    2017 Four Wheel Camper Swift Chicago Illinois

    How did you like the Powerwagon/Four Wheel Camper setup? Overall impressions? What kind of mileage are you getting with the setup? Thanks for your thoughts! GLWS:).
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    Grand Canyon, South to North

    Congrats on an epic trip. And, for seeing and witnessing the thunderstorms over the Grand.
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    An overland journey in the arctic

    An awesome report and experience. Just fantastic! Love it...
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    Part 2: Wyoming Backroads Exploration

    Love Lake Alice!
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    For Sale-Land Cruiser 200 Series Wheels and Tires

    I have a set of 5 OEM Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series wheels with a fairly new set of Bridgstone tires on them. Can't remember the specific model, but they are a passenger tire. I took them off when I went to aftermarket wheels and tires. Asking $750 for all Located in Park City Thanks...