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    PSA regarding vehicle service

    I used to drive a 2002-ish F150 company truck. I always serviced the truck myself. Oil change was due & the weather was crappy so I took it to Jiffy Lube. Now that truck used a conical filter. Manager dude walks out with a filthy oil soaked panel filter & says "my man, you're in desperate need...
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    Skottle lid

    @Tumbleweed thanks for the tip on the "hi-rise" lid option. I've been using the lid from an old pot
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    Walmart - Close Out Ammunition Sale

    Kinda good, kinda bad. Walmarts here, in NJ stopped selling ALL guns & ammo maybe 20 years ago.
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    Tactical Gear dot com

    Mine's plastic....oh wait, Maybe it's really a glass reinforced nano-technology advanced polymer 🤪
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    Tactical Gear dot com

    A friend gifted me a Kabar Spork a few years ago. I love it!
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    Random dog shots

    Chase is loving Mountain House Beef Stroganoff!
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    Paging fellow Yetis...

    Tahoe/Yukon should fit the bill. I (comfortably) drive I Jeep Commander but I'm only 6-2, 220
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    Any running the new MotoZ Tractionator Adventure tires?

    @gatorgrizz27 you may want to check for an answer on advrider. The only thing I can offer is a buddy put them on his Africa Twin. We live in the south Jersey Pines so our main off-highway conditions are sand. He reports good performance in the sand. His complaints are the front tire cupped badly...
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    Pyrenees Coast to Coast Traverse

    Great report & beautiful photography. Thank you for sharing. Here's a nice video ride report from a ground of guys on rented Adv bikes riding thru the Pyrenees.
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

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    SSF556 Build Up - 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD

    I think I once read that in those years, part of the criteria for “Trail Rated” badging in those years was 3:73. My ‘07 Commander is Trail Rated & has 3:73
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    Yetti's 2009 V strom 650

    Yup, a V-Strom specific forum with lots of great info there. Also, on ADVrider; At $2500, you scored an incredible deal.
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    Yetti's 2009 V strom 650

    Nice score! You'll love it! Have you found your way over to Stromtroopers yet? Shinko 705's?
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    Looking at Suzuki V-Strom 650

    30k on my '12. Fantastic bike!