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    12v Fridge - Cheap Alternatives?

    my tf130 uses about 1 amp per hour over a 24 hour period. I got free shipping on cyber monday. it's not as easy to fit in a van as the smaller fridges but it's NICE having so much room.
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    Ford E-Series Rear Shackle Flip

    How do you know WHY all the OEM manufacturers did that? Did they ALL go with coils? For all applications? If some applications didn't change to coils, why?
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    The Alaskan

    Re-read the entier thread and didn't see a chainsaw cool project anyway!
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    There's a CO2 adapter for coleman stoves that eliminates pumping, called Presh-R-Matic I think. I've never had a complaint with any of my coleman appliances. Pumping a stove is SIMPLE and EASY.
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    Old College Kid (re)builds a Camper/Moto Van-1989 Ford EB SMB Penthouse

    Built a quick-and-dirty bed/couch for a weekend quarantine outing
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    Hold my Coffee ! another manual transmission swap thread

    Parts store rented ball joint press or buy one (HF has em) and keep it in the tool box
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    Question about sleeping arrangements in van with penthouse top

    2 beds for me. If i'm camping with a date, 1 would suffice but if I'm on a fishing trip with a buddy, not so much. If I arrive somewhere alone late, I generally don't pop the top either and crash downstairs instead. I've also considered there are times I might want a bed but cannot pop the top...
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    Sprinter 4WD Conversion Idea, GMT-800 IFS.

    1" would be a lot of offset difference You might've seen the flange difference, which is right at an inch, just due to aluminum vs steel. The actual total offset is the same (for reasons posted previously) but the aluminum outer wheel makes up some of it in flange thickness alone.
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    HillBillyRV Build Thread - 87 Ford E350 Quadravan Pathfinder Conversion

    I've gone to RevereWare Copper-bottom Stainless cookware for my propane stove. By far the fastest and thus most fuel-efficient setup I've found. They're much lighter than cast iron, too. The percolator is especially nice, as is the pressure cooker. For just boiling water, I use a solid copper...
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    Sprinter 4WD Conversion Idea, GMT-800 IFS.

    What brand of truck? MUST be a GM or Dodge thing. I've had several sets of Ford OE DRW Alcoas, dozens of those trucks, never heard of this. What you describe would mean either different offsets front vs rear outer or different offsets front vs spare or different offsets spare vs rear inner...
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    Sprinter 4WD Conversion Idea, GMT-800 IFS.

    The big width started on long travel Independent frontends where it was a byproduct of the technical benefits then the aesthetic was copied for...well aesthetics. Then it was observed being wider (or obviously narrower, though that's more difficult) than the existing ruts and tracks in beach...