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    Your opinion please.

    Is it cheap? Are you willing to work on it to replace stuff that is worn out? I think sun is different to heat in terms of degradation (but I'm from England so I don't get much of either 😁) Tyres could be UV degraded. I think its unlikely internal wiring or piping would be damaged by heat...
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    Automatic transmission?

    Sorry, that's clear on re-reading. Test driving is always fun - enjoy 😊
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    Automatic transmission?

    Yes, we do have to change quite a bit accelerating so I see the attraction. Funny though I didn't realise bump starts were even possible in autos, I've only ever done them in manuals. Cant imagine bump starting the mog though 😮
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    Automatic transmission?

    Have you tried the manual? The clutch on our u1550l37 is pretty light, almost car like.
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    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    Loads of new 90s used here in the lake district by farmers
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    Unimog 435 1700L Workshop Manual Volume #2

    I think that you can get one from Atkinson Vos (
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    Building your own canopy/camper.

    Nice, you have amazing views, it would be a shame to miss them!
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    Building your own canopy/camper.

    You planning on any windows?
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    Source for Aluminum Extrusions?

    Pro-lam in Italy. They have distributors. Massive range of profiles. Thermally bridged as well as non. I am using their stuff for my build.
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    Work Overlanding USA (Blue Ridge Parkway)

    Hi MLEmaster, I'm coming to NC in a month and will have 5 days on the parkway coming from Wilkesboro to Ashville. Do you have any particular recommendations for day hikes or camp sites (light 2 man tent) from your experience. I have seen, but am yet to properly read the NPS trails website so...
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    MB 1120 Coming to America!

    I continue to be blown away by the quality of your work. You are doing a beautiful job. I'd love to know where your table support is from by the way.
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    MB 1120 Coming to America!

    Mate, you're doing a lovely job there. Well done.
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    SOLD GXV Unimog U500 for sale

    That's sweet, hope you have amazing adventures in it.
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    I know how he feels . What a nightmare

    I had another look at the original story and in particular the photos and the truck's position. I know it's hard to get any sense of gradient from photos but the road here doesn't appear steep, narrow or with particularly sharp corners. Even if there was no lateral slippage as the truck...
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    Composite Interior Wall Panels

    I'm planning on doing this using composite angle section on the "inside" side of the wall in question.