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    ARB rear bumper/tire carrier up to 2006 Jeep Wrangler ARB rear bumper and tire carrier for Jeep Wrangler TJ/LJ (up to 2006). Excellent used condition, never damaged, with minor surface rust. Included are the bumper, tire carrier, frame tie-ins, and 90%...
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    ARB bumper and tire carrier

    All parts off of a 2006 LJ. Taillight guards: 3 years old, minor surface rust. $15 plus shipping? Warn cable and hook: 5/16 x 125 feet for 9000 lb winch off of Warn 9000XDi. $50 plus shipping? Warn roller fairlead for above: some oxidation. $25 plus shipping? ARB rear bumper and tire...
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    Medical gear

    Do clubs require an AED these days when going on runs? Someone mentioned that they are getting cheaper.
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    JLU worth car payments?

    Yeah, tough decision with a lot of variables.
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    Medical gear

    So what are some useful medical gears people bring with them on their adventures? I always keep a quick tourniquet on passenger and driver side. I also have some pressure dressings. Hemostats have numerous uses. Then it's non-sterile and sterile 4x4's, peroxide, something to make a splint...
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    Toyo M/T vs Falken M/T for road snow

    Had Toyo M/T's on my Jeep and it was a beast of a tire. Did a lot of snow and off road with them and I felt safe and in control after I learned to drive them. I also loved the humm on the highway. They balanced out fine too. Somewhat heavy but that's a compromise. Yeah, the price is a big...
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    My Journey

    Fantastic. What a wonderful world.
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    Identify Your Enemies - How are Enviro/Eco Groups Funded?

    An EPA lawyer told me that even if you aren't a hunter/fisher/whatever you should buy a permit for your state b/c that money stays in the state to support its parks.
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    Jeep XJ Pop Top Camper Build

    Waaaay tooo Coool!!
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Nice Rigs
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    Gas can kill.

    Can someone invent an additive that "senses" that it's a rollover or some sort of shock and deploys something to make the fuel into non-combustible? I mean if Lady Gaga can wear a meat dress........
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    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    Some friends had their "older" Defender restored in a place in WI. Turned out well. They are fun vehicles.
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    2 week family vacation report (NM, UT, CO)

    What a great trip. Thanks for all the pictures. Zion is wonderful. That's a very nice Jeep. It looks like it did the job you built it for.
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    The Trans America Trail in a 2019 Ford Ranger

    What a great trip!! Thanks for documenting. It's great to see people travel/adventure with their dogs.