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    MB 1120 Coming to America!

    Good luck. You will be glad to get to bottom of this, its been spoiling your enjoyment for too long. Neil
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    How Much Head Room ?

    We are 1.95m inside height. Simple formula. Garage area that can take a bike + under bed GRP platform + Mattress + wife sitting up in bed drinking tea = 1.95 m This keeps us under 3.5m externally which was important to us Neil
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    Merkabah: MB 2626 AK 6x6 tipper to expedition truck conversion

    Looking fantastic. It must have been great for you and Carmen to take it out for a drive. Stay safe guys Neil
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    Best adhesive to mount solar panels with?

    Ours are stuck on with Sika 512 only, no screws on a painted roof on 50 mm angle brackets Two have been there 7 years and are still rock solid. The third got damaged after 5 years and had to be replaced . Getting the old Brackets off cleanly after 5 years of sun and weather took the best part...
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    Folding van camper furniture

    I might be missing the point of it. Whilst I admire the design and craftsmanship. To me this would only have any use if you wanted to convert the vehicle back into an empty van after an overnight stop. If this is the case it's Fab. If not then my dominant, " can't be arsed gene" would soon...
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    Best Places to Buy MB trucks in Europe

    Some come up on here too Neil
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    Column Lock

    Can't help with the Steering Lock. Our model doesn't have them. However, we do have a cable operated throttle. I think you replaced yours. I actually think I remember you finding the part number for mine, which seized. This is where I would start looking. Maybe it's stretched or slipped. You...
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    Visco Fans and how are they supposed to work

    Our Viscous fan has never come in at idle, even after hours. The only time it comes in is on long inclines in a low gear. Surprisingly the gauge only has to climb a little for it to come in, we hear it. It does it's job and soon disengaged. Interestingly, on the back of our fan is a large...
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    Mercedes 1222A.. The beginning!

    I have been looking for 3 years now in South America. It would appear that a crazy truck builder from Chile got the last one. Luckily I have a bag of tools, a balaclava and I know where he lives. Watch out Pairoa, It would look better on my truck Neil
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    A long term project - Planning Begins

    Obviously the revised height is better, bit you will stll be at the top end of practical limits. Everything we do with our trucks has a knock on effect. It's about your design and what your requirements are. There are plenty of well travelled trucks this tall and they do perfectly well. The...
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    A long term project - Planning Begins

    High Alex. Looks like a great project. With regard to the height, 4.2m is very tall, I can only talk about travelling in general as I am yet to get to New Zealand We are 3.5m and h have had a few issues. Friends we travel with sometimes are 3.7 and they have had a lot more issues and on it...
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    Merkabah: MB 2626 AK 6x6 tipper to expedition truck conversion

    It was December 2018 when we saw it. Pairoa is absolutely correct. The authorities in Chile are pretty switched on. I would imagine making the vehicle legal or exporting it now would be an expensive challenge Neil
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    Mercedes LAF 1113 B family truck

    Eckhard I would be amazed if it's 4x4 that bit doesn't have at least a rear difflock. As the vendor to send pictures of the pneumatic turn knobs down by the base of the year stick. We have been travelling in South America for 3 years now and have seen thousands of 1113's and 911' s in every...
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    Merkabah: MB 2626 AK 6x6 tipper to expedition truck conversion

    Pairoa. We stumbled,by sheer chance, into the Tatra shown in your pictures. It was parked in the back garden of a house hidden high in the hills near Pucon, Chile. A friend of our rented a house there and when she turned up it was parked in the garden. It clearly hadn't been moved for a very...
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    Merkabah: MB 2626 AK 6x6 tipper to expedition truck conversion

    We are in the UK. Do you think we can source the parts here. Neil