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    Looking for advice and wisdom

    Keep it as it is. You soon get used to Slow, infact I wouldn't change a thing with our truck now. The desire for speed soon melts away and is replaced by getting to see your surroundings better. The journey is a major part of travelling, don't rush it. Neil
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    Merkabah: MB 2626 AK 6x6 tipper to expedition truck conversion

    Pairoa. Happy New year to you from hot and sweaty Colombia. The truck looks great. Simon. I have searched for 6 years for such an air intake. They are almost impossible to find Neil
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    That high. I would be talking to NASA Neil
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    Unimog or 911 for Family of 5

    Diplostrat. Agreed. Whilst the unimog is a fantastic vehicle I have yet to see the advantage over many other vehicles. Once you put a £120,000 cabin on the back, you are not going to use it to its ability. It's your home. Why would you risk your dream. Great vehicle but not necessary for 99%...
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    Mercedes-Benz 917 AF Renovation.

    Joe. Great pictures, I think we must have followed the same route. Thanks Neil
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    Headlights for 1120

    We have twin Hadley air horns. Bought them from a Dutch company. They sound deafening. You have to have the pull cord from the roof. Neil
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    Winch or not and if so sizing of one

    We don't have one and so far haven't needed one. I agree with the above post that the chances of their beingbperfect winching conditions in the place you get stuck are slim. We have 25 ton strap and this has been used when a tractor pulled us out of some mud. When using a strap to pull someone...
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    Merry Christmas to you all.

    We are at an Overlanders meeting we arranged in a Finca in the coffee region of Filandia Colombia. There should be 25 Overlanders for Christmas day. It will be fantastic Have a good one Neil
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    Hello From NZ and help with a Big decision to make

    We had our layout taped with black electrical tape on our living room floor for two years before we bought the truck. We even mocked up furniture. It paid off as 7 years later we are still happy and wouldn't change it Neil
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    Headlights for 1120

    Ours too. It's like having a couple of candles in there. They are that old yellowish look. I simply added a couple of LED spot lamps under the bumper. We try not to drive at night so it's not a major issue. I will be interested in your solution Neil
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    Hello From NZ and help with a Big decision to make

    The Atego is a great vehicle. however, Adblue isnt available in many places so you have to take this into account. Glad you liked the blog on our truck build. Always ask Neil
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    Hello From NZ and help with a Big decision to make

    Hi and welcome to the forum My advice would be similar to Simons ( Sitec). I would recommend going simple. Nearly everything mechanical can be fixed on the road. Complex electronics bring their own challenges when they play up. I would avoid anything over Euro 5 if you want to go over 3000m...
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    Merry Christmas to you all.

    I know this forum is usually reserved to technical information , but I would like to wish everyone who contributes and advises a Happy Christmas. I have really enjoyed being part of this community and have appreciated all the help you have offered. So have a good one Neil
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    Mercedes 1222A.. The beginning!

    Jason.its a Dilemma. I was offered a set of 4 made by MAN, that were made for my tyre size, just before we left. They had never been used and were being given to me. The must have cost a fortune. The weight and storage size made it impossible to take them. Luckily, despite being at 5000m ...
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    Sweet 404 camper

    Love it.....nothing else to say. Just love it Neil