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  • I have the patches, but am compleatly out of stickers. I still have the designs of the stickers somewhere. i think its on one of my USB keys.
    I do sell expo decals, however read below for details (Note. OD Green are custom colors):

    Details are post under Expedition Portal Decals in fireside chat...12-03-2009, 11:19 PM

    They are $6.20 each, and you can send the money to my paypal account:

    Note. there is a "_" (underscore) in-between the 8 and m.
    Please specify in paypal comments:
    1. Quantity
    2. “.com”or “regular”
    3. what color
    Payal policy state I have to ship it to whatever address you have listed in your Paypal account, so please make sure it is correct.

    Black or white are always available... however as stated in the post, any standard color (color chart posted) other than that I need at least 5 decals in that color to place the order. If you want a custom color (other than those on the color chart) it is a dollar extra per decal (reasons stated in post).
    I will place orders after I receive payment and mail when they are finished.

    Hope this helps.
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