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    America’s Great Continental Divide

    Wow great write up! Thanks for putting in all the time effort and info! I had a question about the motorized travel portion of the route ending in Banf and I apologized if I missed the explanation. I've been trying to research this route and came across some info about a group from HEMA maps in...
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    WTB - Patriot Campers X1 or X1N 2017 or newer

    Yes I am interested. Where are you located? What color is the trailer?
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    For Sale; 2017 Patriot x1 Grand Tourer

    Is this trailer still available?
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    [Sold]: 2009 Adventure Trailer (AT) Horizon - RTT, kitchen, 18g water, 10g fuel [NorCal]

    Is this still available? Does ez awn make an annex for that tent?
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    WTB - Patriot Campers X1 or X1N 2017 or newer

    Hello All, I am looking for a Patriot Campers X1 2017 or newer or an X1N. If and X1 I'm Looking for one with the air bag suspension. Preferably with the kids room but I'm sure I can probably order one of those from Aus. Will look at any X1N. DM me if you have one you have been thinking about...
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    Rated recovery points for gen 2 Tundras?

    Hello All, For the back I will use a receiver hitch shackle mount with soft shackles as a recovery point but for the front the tow hooks aren't a rated recovery point. Even equalizing off the two they are still an open hook which I'm not a fan of. Does anyone know of an actual bolt on rated...
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    Wanted: Leer or Snugtop camper shell for 07 or newer Tundra Double Cab

    Location: Placerville CA Bed Length: 6 ft 6 inches If your buddy's Leer will fit give me a call 916-3 one 7 - 3050
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    Wanted: Leer or Snugtop camper shell for 07 or newer Tundra Double Cab

    I sold my FWC to another expo member and am in a transition phase. For the time being I'd like to purchase a used Leer or Snugtop camper shell that will fit an '07 Toyota Tundra Double Cab. If you have one don't PM me because I'm not on here that often. Gibve me a call at: 916-31 seven -30 five 0
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    FWC Fleet for sale (Totally Refurbished)

    This is a completely Refurbished 1989 Four Wheel Camper pop up camper (FWC, ATC, Pheonix, Flip Pac, Four Wheel Drive Camper), These campers are designed to flex with the vehicles movement, are all aluminum framed not like the wood framed campers that fall to pieces. They are legendary for their...
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    New GXV appears at Overland Expo

    Why NCO? Seems a shame to have a vehicle that height with a rack for cab over instead of a bed that is a lot of wasted space that could be utilized and they didn't save any real height or aerodynamics by doing it. For $130k I'd want that cab over space!