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  • Hi Ozrockrat,

    I came across a post of yours a few years back and reaching out in all directions for advice on selling my Arizona Toyota Van to somebody here in Chile. My question is did you have any problems at border crossings with the notarized letter and title in someone else's name? Any particular level of notary needed?

    I appreciate any thoughts on this, it'd be very helpful at the moment. Thanks for your time.


    Dave Muller
    Good Morning Bevin,
    We are making good progress on our build (finally) I will be posting photos soon. It was great to meet you and Clare. We are very interested in the Build vs Buy panel at next years Expo. We will be leaving for Mexico this winter, with plans to be back in time for the Expo. Are you interested in having us participate in your panel? We would like to park with your group.
    We are looking forward to seeing more of your build, hope it is going well. Man, it is hard to make headway in this heat!
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