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USAF SP (AFSC 81150); 56th SPS. JTF-B. REDCOM. CENTCOM. USSOCOM plank owner. Went both "South" and "East" on TDYs in the '80s.

Cop. Paramedic. Firefighter. Field Training Officer. Armorer. Trainer. Crisis Intervention Team. Department SWAT Team plank owner.

Passed over for promotion seven times; most recently because my "morals & ethics are too rigid." - Ergo, the senior department slicksleeve. Trying yet again; come back after 23JUL2014...

Dabbler in the behavioral sciences / analysis and the Jedi Mind Trick.

My family. Things that go "boom." Things that cut. Unrepentant tinkering; Fabricating / Sewing / modding / fixing gear with carbide-jawed needledrivers, 100lb Spectra fishing line, small hand tools, and, occasionally, sheer force of will. Toyota FJ modding & expedition trailer building. The Switzerland of the USA: Ouray County, Colorado (where I shall eventually retire).

Also on the following as PARAPYROPIG:

My family. Things that go "boom." Things that cut. Unrepentant tinkering
WPB Area of Floriduh
What do you drive or ride? Or tell us about your dream overland vehicle! Please be specific - put brand and model, 2 words minimum or your registration will not be approved
2011 Army green Toyota FJ NSSE




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