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    HAM Operators- Post up here

    Aiken, SC. Below is a picture of my camper. I was watching the sunrise at Old Harry beach on Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec last September. Currently I am leaning toward the purchase of an ICOM 5100 radio for group trips.
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    HAM Operators- Post up here

    Pair of licensees My wife and I started studying for the ham tests last summer and passed our Technician tests by September. Last month, Jan. 2016, we both passed the Extra class tests. Our goal for this year is to drive the continental divide on group trip in July. Jon - KM4MNX Mary - KM4NQC
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    2M Recommendations For Beginners Please!

    See my post (#10) about the 5100 in this thread
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    2m mobile rig recommendations?

    D-STAR on Icom 5100 looks nice. I am currently studying for my Technician license and decided to visit the local ARRL field day on June 27th. I ended up getting a 45 minute demo of mobile radio choices. I got an overview of D-STAR versus Yaesu System Fusion versus DMR. I saw a demonstration of...
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    iPad vs. iPad Mini for Backcountry Travel

    iPad Mini in Nicaragua using MotionX GPS HD I took my 64gig iPad Mini (non-retina) with Verizon LTE to Nicaragua for 3 weeks of mission work. I drove a local pastor wherever he wanted to go in a 4x4 Toyota Hylux. I used MotionX GPS HD and downloaded maps. The GPS combined with a Claro SIM card...
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    The OFFICIAL Overland Expo EAST 2014 Thread!

    OEX East Safe Jack Discount Safe Jack products are available at a 15% discount for Overland Expo East attendees. Their Bottle Jack accessories were demonstrated at Overland Expo East but the vendor was not able to make it. You just need to call them to get the discount code. Their web site is...