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  • yeah lm on there everyday a couple of times, i dont know why really,, i havnt seen anything to do with tech in forever and there aint much wheelin goin on there unless you are in '' the group '' freddy and i have been best friends for 30 yrs,, its too bad it went sour,
    i dont see you on dirteaters much anymore, the only reason i still go there is to piss freddy off, that site is getting brutal, if fred dont like you he will drive you out, he's done it over and over again to some really nice people,and they didnt deserve it then i called him on some stuff he was saying about me anf oh boy , did the **** hit the fan, he ****ed me over pretty good in front of the whole site , re-edited all my post's , my girlfreinds son hosted and maintained that site for 2 years for free, did i say FREE, and hes telling peeps how much money it cost, he paid only for mike to rebuild the site cuz it was always screwed up,, well there aint many peeps left over there and i should prolly shut up , michelle and i are taking bets on who he knocks off next,
    what the hell this freinds thing on all these forums ? it kinda sounds gay to me,, would you be freind petro? is the coffee meet in barrie? the swampers ? if so i aint going but i could be persuaded to drive up where ever your gonna be at ,, hell i used to drive to barrie just for coffee several times a season,
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