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    FS: 2021 Hawk FWC on 2019 Silverado 2500 Work Truck $68k

    Looks like a good deal. I’ve got a 2012 Sierra 2500HD with a 2014 Hawk on it, great combination. I paid about $55k for that back in 2014.
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    Barbed Hooks...

    I thought this was going to be a civil discussion among intelligent individuals... until I read the last line in Wavesliders post #19. Performative theater? Virtue signaling? That is beneath contempt. I guess he lashes out when he's proven wrong. I've blocked him, I don't need to see any...
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    Barbed Hooks...

    As a retired research scientist I couldn't resist looking into this. So, using the Google Scholar search engine I searched for "hooking mortality" and got a number of good hits. The most relevant publication was from 2011, published by the American Fisheries Society, titled: Determinants of...
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    Barbed Hooks...

    Although I don't fundamentally disagree with your assertions, I wonder where you got the data that each of those conditions increase mortality by four-fold. It seems awfully coincidental that all three of those conditions have the same effect on mortality.
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    “Unique” DIY Expedition Truck Possible ?

    Anything is possible if you have enough money.
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    SnoMaster L96

    Ummm… what’s a SnoMaster?
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    Securing heavy stuff in the cab - show off your solutions

    Congrats on the FWC, you'll love it. In 2014 I transitioned from a GMC Safari van to a FWC on a GMC extra cab truck and never looked back. I removed the rear seats and built a plywood platform to create a flat floor, it is bolted to the floor using the seat mounting bolts. On one side I...
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    2020+ E350 SMB vs F350 ext cab Flatbed Popup Truck Camper

    I thought Ford discontinued the E series vans?
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    Rear diff skid plate

    Just kidding about the skid plate. I‘m no judge of fab skills, its way better than I could do.
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    Rear diff skid plate

    Beautiful cat! The skid plate, not so much.
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    2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 RST 3.0L Duramax $63,000

    Trailer breaks? Does it break often, is it difficult to repair?