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    Memory sticks for I phones

    There are no insertable memory cards for iPhones, because...well...Apple. Look here:
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    Suggestions for a 12V portable shower that can be used with a bucket or 5G Scepter can?

    I have a Big Kahuna. A plastic dog food storage container with a 12V pump inside and a on-demand shower handle on a hose outside. Pour in cold water, heat a pot of hot water on the stove, dump in the hot, take shower. Works, hasn't failed, 6 years later.
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    Our First Trip to Death Valley

    Nice story and photos.
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    Tent Review: Malamoo Xtra by Oztent

    In general, beware of any tent that uses fiberglass poles.
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    Camp bed time, what’s your set up

    My Exped products all started to leak within a few outings' worth of use. To be fair, so have all the other air-dependent mats I've had from REI and Therma rest.
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    Camp Cover Ammo Boxes

    A friend has a couple of the the Front Runner ones. The thin plastic latches are the thing that'd keep me from buying them.
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    No shower tent w/ external hose opening?

    Why not just make a hole for the hose in one of the ones that are easy to buy?
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    Capitol Reef National Park in our Land Cruiser

    Cool video, nicely shot. May I ask: What device was used for the hand held, on the ground shots? It didn't have the ugly GoPro fisheye look, for which I'm thankful.
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    Roof Top Tents and wind

    The best type of ground tent in the wind is a four season tent that doesn't have screen material anywhere near the ground. Solid sides up to 18" to 2' largely solves the dust blowing in along the ground problem. The super vented 3- or 2-season tents whose walls are composed mostly of screen...
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    Vehicle Portable Battery Options for Keeping a Dometic CFX 40 Refrigerator Charged

    Wouldn't one be able to connect the starting battery with heavy cable directly to a matching size and type house battery, thereby creating, effectively, one large battery that has double the capacity of either battery alone?
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    Rotopax - Is there something better I should be using?

    In case anyone is interested, the European-made 20L Jerrycans seem to have dropped in price at Deutsch Optik...competition, perhaps. Now cost less than when I got mine about 5 years ago. The least leaky gas cans I've ever used.
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    Andrix, Colorado

    Very nice...a place that used to be. Wonder why the trees die?
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    Question to fridge owners - Do you leave it “running” in cold ambient temps?

    By recent email, Engel Australia says 5 hours per month, minimum. Many keep them running 24/7/365 for decades.
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    Overlanding California Early March

    You could easily kill all your time in Death Valley and the Mojave Preserve, but with that amount of time, you could easily fit in a short trip to southern Utah or northern Arizona. From southern Death Valley/Mojave Preserve area, look at the possibilities of the 5-ish hour drive up I-15 to St...
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    Lets talk about camp lights

    Most of the entire country east of the Rockies is privately owned. I guess the crooked speculators and grifters that took most of the homestead act lands weren't that interested in burning deserts and steep mountainsides.