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    Random shots

    Cholla is blooming in New Mexico.
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    Tire size/brand recommendation with 16" wheels and 40mm lift springs?

    Yeah, I have a matching spare with one of those cute little center compartment thingies, but it's for the boondocks, not in town use.
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    Tire size/brand recommendation with 16" wheels and 40mm lift springs?

    I have the Thor springs, King shocks, 25mm wheel spacers and Goodyear MT/R 285-75 16s on Hutchison wheels. No rubbing in front. I've had both rear wheel in a deep ditch, all three lockers engaged, one front wheel in the air, seeing only blue sky and there was some rear wheel rubbing as it...
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    ExPo: G-Wagen Registry

    This may, in fact, be the coolest G extant on this planet...and you and McBride are absolutely insane. Good luck this year!
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    O'erlanderwagen build

    Ask and ye shall receive:
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    Cooper Discoverer STT PRO - Deep Look

    I have them on my Ford F-250 SD. I just rotated for the second time at 10,000 miles. Now, I have a little wobble at 60-62 mph. No biggie, but if it stays after the next rotation, I'll re-balance. Seems like maybe it's just a one tire issue. These tires are great on the ranch with the rocks...
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    Mercedes overland vehicle with dome over cab spotted at Ubique Lake in New Mexico

    I have chatted with this true world overlanding gentleman who settled in Santa Fe, built some very nice houses here and raised a family. I'm happy to see he fires it up and continues to roam around. My guess is that it could go just about anywhere he decides to go.
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    Blank canvas: F-250 PSD Camper Rig

    "•50 Gallon Fuel Tank -- Transfer Flow vs Titan vs Aero? 26 gallons is just not okay for a 8 cyl diesel. I guess Ford shouldn't care, cause they keep selling them." I put a Transfer Flow 50 gal. in my 250 about a week after I got it in 2011. It is a very good thing and has been trouble...
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    Purchased an Expedition G Wagen

    And I will say this about that: Buckets are one thing, but he who hits his wife's haybale sleeps in the barn!
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    Purchased an Expedition G Wagen

    As one who has been on that road, I can only say that at 55-60 have lost your mind. I would not attempt that at 45 in my F-250. It gravel dude...marbles...slow down and preserve that wonderful beast!
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    what new wheels to get?

    The old ones popped right in.
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    what new wheels to get?

    Yet another example of McBride sucking his pals into the vortex of overlanding expense. These are the Hutchinson "military" version with 33" Goodyear MTRs.
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    eBay Earthroamer in OK

    Just to follow up on the outrageous high jack of this thread. Contrary to the rumors, the "interesting alien unimog" referred to locally as the "Mars Roamer" has NOT been abandoned, but is owned by a German gentleman named Klaus who is definitely a human being. He and his family settled in...
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    eBay Earthroamer in OK

    That actually fits with the local story that "a European family had a serious mechanical issue that caused them to abandon the vehicle at this repair facility". I have no clue whether that is true or not, but I'll contact the shop for the real story. Dwh, I was speaking of those "aliens" for...
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    eBay Earthroamer in OK

    dwh, If you're ever in Santa Fe, I can introduce you to this thing...or at least let you look across the fence at it. Be careful about your curiosity, we do have aliens out here.