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    Ultimate Grill I like that one. But cannot seem to find it in the USA.
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    WTT: Thule Evolution 1800 for Thule Evolution 1600 Cargo Box

    I know this is a very old post but curious if a smaller box made the difference. It seems the 4 runner rack rails are just positioned badly for most of these boxes.
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    Kitchen Kit/Chuck Box

    Same. The URL is the same as before. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Kitchen Kit/Chuck Box

    All I get clicking on that link is the beginning of this thread.
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    2012 Nissan Xterra Pro 4x

    Cool rig. I like the LED tailgate lights too!
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    FS: Campfire Irons

    Custom made campfire irons. Approx 45" tall by 60" wide (w/ the attached extensions) Four S hooks of various lengths Custom bag $75.00 Local pickup zip code 92107. Could possibly ship at your expense (it's heavy so not cheap).
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    HAM radio/amateur radio FAQ

    PM sent Smoke signals still work...
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    SOLD: Campmate Lid Lifter - Dutch Oven cooking

    PM me your address and I’ll send you PayPal account.
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    Man, I guess I am dumb. :ROFLMAO: I have camped through all kinds of storms and as long as I am below treeline, I just stay put.
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    Don't get caught on the ladder during a strike!
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    Ideas for flood lights on the inside of the rear doors.

    I highly agree with including a red or maybe even amber light as part of the package. Less harsh and they don't attract bugs as much.
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    SOLD: Campmate Lid Lifter - Dutch Oven cooking

    I have a Campmate lid lifter for dutch ovens. It allows you to keep the clean while checking your items. I've used it a couple times but we are relocating overseas so liquidating. $25 includes shipping w/in the 48 states. Paypal or local pickup (92107) only.
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    HAM radio/amateur radio FAQ

    I have these books if anyone is interested for the cost of shipping. CD's included.
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    1973 Wagoneer - Full Size Camping Goodness

    Perfect color. Won't show all the dust and dirt easily and blends with pretty much everything.