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    2002 Pathfinder LE mods for overlanding?

    Definitelyloctite the power valves, it could cost you an engine. POWER VALVES
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    R50 Pathfinder Progression/Trip Thread

    I see this threadis 3 years old, are you still out there?
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    2001 QX4 Suspension upgrade

    Please forgive my ignorance but can you explain the advantage of the 5150s &/or 5125s over the 5100s? They appear to no longer make the 5150s but I think it has been replaced by the 5160s. Thanks!
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    2002 Pathfinder...the long road to recovery (build)

    Nice work. Love those blue trucks. I haven't seen anyone put poly bushings on the steering rack before. Where did you get those?