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    The 255/85R16 Tire Official List

    Same here. I'd like to switch from KM2 to KO2 for winter trips that will see snow while maintaining the 255/85R16 size.
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    Latest Photo?

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    Gaia App and Route Creating

    When you're creating the route, on the bottom left corner click MODE and select STRAIGHT LINE.
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    Alu box dust

    That's one reason why I stopped using aluminum clipboards; all my papers inside the compartment got black aluminum dust. I got tired of my hands turning black after handling the paper. Plus the aluminum clipboard get hot from the heat. Using a plastic compartment clipboard now, not as durable...
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    255/85R16 ST/Maxx dilemma

    I wished BFG would offer the KO2 in 255/85R16, but they don't. Yet they have the KM2's in 255/85R16 which I have now. I like the KM2's in the dirt, rocks, and stuff, but it doesn't do snow/ice.
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    Fridge high or low... on the drawers or at floor level. Input needed

    ^Looks like a very snug fit there. Wow.
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    Which land cruisers came factory with lockers?

    93 is semi floating 94 is full floating
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    UJoint security in Baja

    Once I saw that building I knew exactly which street that is and that it was in San Felipe. :)
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    ARB Fridge question

    Perhaps bad thermistor.
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    Goose - Our Poptop FZJ80

    Poor Goose. That's an expensive tow home because of the distance.
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    ARB Air Compressor plug melted

    Perhaps this? Else try McMaster Carr.
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    Latest Photo?

    At a gas station? :ROFLMAO: I'm not sure if that's a good thing. Hahaha
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    BRAID Wheels Fullrace T Dakar

    The wheel pattern looks good. It does give your Xterra the traditional rally look.
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    Electric Chain Saw???

    Will you haul the gas chainsaw inside your Jeep? In your adventure trailer? Because it'll leave an oily mess everywhere and stink up the interior. With a gas chainsaw you'll also have to adjust the carburetor to work at the elevation you're at whether sea level or high in the mountains. I'm...
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    "Get the lead out"

    Banning lead for use in one particular use will result in future banning in other uses. Then another ban and another ban and so forth.