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    1994 International 4x4 RV Mechanical DT466 w/Allison 2400W solar $110k

    Killer drive train on this one. A little big for my taste and inside is average but helluva a truck with tons of solar 2400w but only 400ah of batteries? I had thought about getting one of these dump trucks for years since I do excavation and landscaping on the continental divide but been able...
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    2000 Chevy Truck Provan Tiger CX 78k Rare 2x4 Model $32k

    Don't see this too often a 2wd tiger CX plenty of 2wd Astros. Also have not seen the passenger side cabinets removed on a Tiger. Maybe this was a bare bones base model?
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    1982 Ford Bronco 4x4 w/ 1993 Hallmark Pop-Up $8500

    Some day I want something similar to this, but in better condition.
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    Custom Built expedition vehicle - $249,000

    Awesome Rig! What kind of mpg does it get with the lift and other upgrades?
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    WTB: Overland Journal issues

    Just a reminder you can send magazines media mail with USPS and it saves quite a bit. Slow but cheap.
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    ***PRICE DROP - Earthroamer #28 For Sale (F450 / 6.0L / 2006)

    I can't believe this didn't sell yet! Maybe because it's location. Josh maybe you should offer shipping option to US to unload it easier ? What do some of the forum members think about this tire size and wheel size setup on the Earthroamer, I've really been wondering what those of you 'in...
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    Crow Classic?

    Come on guys the best stuff is described all in caps.
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    ARB Awning on Provan Tiger

    I ended up with Dragonfly Haku 144", took a little bit to pull the trigger at $1k but holy crap this thing is nice, big and better than any regular awning. Anyone figuring out their awning setup should consider it. I am wondering how you set up your Dragonfly up independent of the rig - is...
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    1975 Mercedes 1113L Old German Firetruck / RV Conversion 4x4? $70k Never seen this style of build before. I wish they had interior pics - is it really 4x4?
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    Tiger CX

    How much was it listed for on Craigslist? I was too late to see it. :( We paid mid $30s for our Tiger March 2021. I put a wanted ad on Tapatalk Tiger Forum and someone contacted me privately - 5 days later we flew out and drove it home. Excellent base camp vehicle we have done so many...
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    ***PRICE DROP - Earthroamer #28 For Sale (F450 / 6.0L / 2006)

    I wish I wasn't so heavy in real estate right now! Our Tiger is great but really if you want to full time something like this ER is the ticket.
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    *SOLD* 2010 Tiger Bengal - $94k

    Bed headroom - not true of our 2005 Cx vs this 2010 TX - our 2005 CX definately is way less headroom I can tell by interior pics. Not sure of 2010 CX vs 2010 TX. Good thing I quit smoking weedies because I would get too high and claustraphobic in the nest. It was embarassing I have to...
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    2010 F450 4x4 Ambulance Conversion SOLD

    What is height in ambulance box this model?
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    Overland Winnebago RV

    Lifeproof hardwood floors.