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    Home built interior cabinet material options

    Thank you for the suggestions guys! I am leaning toward the aluminum framing option. My main concern is a smooth finish with an edge that can be finished as well. I also do not want to experience any waves in the material I select with heat and cold. So, pretty much smooth for easy cleaning...
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    Home built interior cabinet material options

    Hi Guys, We are just about finished with our Total composites habitat box and I have a question about interior cabinets, counters, dinette's etc. Has anyone used either thin steel or aluminum 1" square material to frame out their cabinets then just skinned them for esthetics? I ask because I am...
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    24 Volt stand alone A/C units?

    Hi All, I am working on plans for my habitat build and have been told a few times now that I should consider a 24V stand alone A/C unit. The area I am looking to cool would be roughly 20x8x7. Does anyone have any experience with this type of unit and have any recommendations for me? Thank you!
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    U.S. alternative to Seitz top hinged windows

    Thank you Andreas. The wife really liked the windows that opened all the way, with respect to when this should be done (conditions allowing) for viewing purposes. I respect their design, I was just asking because it had been mentioned earlier in this thread.
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    U.S. alternative to Seitz top hinged windows

    I have a few questions about the Eurovision windows. Is there any way to get them in clear? And, has anyone figured out how to open them more than 60 degrees? Thanks all!
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    98 Jeep ZJ "SHTFV"

    Well all... It has been quite some time since I have posted in this thread. I just spent the last week working nights to get the ZJ ready to sell. I never thought I would sell this vehicle, but I am in need of a new project. I am not sure what to a$k for this rig, but it will be a turn key...
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    DIY Composite Flatbed Camper Build

    Love watching this come together, awesome job!
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    LMTV 1078 Camper build concept

    Stoked to see your process! It is also very cool to see other SS members over here. I am hoping to get mine started very soon too!
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    Help identifying a manufacturer for this part "dinette hatch"

    Thank you for the info David! I have been looking at the Eurovision windows, and we had intended to place one of them in this hatch. My wife likes the idea of the huge 4' x 4' opening. At this time, we are looking to get: (2) 450x610 (2) 450x900 (2) 450x1100 (1) 450x500 plus door, plus hatch...
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    Help identifying a manufacturer for this part "dinette hatch"

    I just went on their site, and it appears that is where someone originally found the image I posted. I will have to reach out to them to see if they sell the hatches or the parts to make the hatches. Thank you!