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    In need of water tanks!

    There are several, I’ve ordered a few tanks directly from Ronco, reasonable prices, often less than what’s listed Both of these don’t manufacture, but carry a wide selection Sent...
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    FS: 105ah Duracell agm battery and Renogy solar controller

    Looks to be a group 31, I just put a new one of these same batteries in my off road trailer, quality USA made by East Penn/Deka, private labeled as Duracell, sold at Batteries+ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    E-bike or motorcycle for secondary vehicle

    We got a pair of RadMini electric bikes from Rad Power bikes. Direct to consumer out of Seattle, great pricing and some cool models. They are fun, fat tire folding bikes, although there’s nothing really mini about them, big and heavy. I’d consider one of their full size models knowing they’d go...
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    Great White Buffalo - 2000 Ford 7.3 Powerstroke

    Nice truck. I know it was mentioned, but I’ll 2nd the recommendation, if you want to wake the old 7.3 up a bit, the PHP Hydra tuner is the way to go, I’ve run a few others on our rig and this is by far the best. I’m running a 40hp tow and a 60hp daily and it’s nice to have the added juice, no...
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    SOLD: 2019 EarthCruiser FX

    Sure thing, also if you’re into checking out this sort of stuff, there’s the Pima air and space museum in southeast Tucson, the 390th memorial museum inside the grounds is well worth a visit, many of the volunteers are veterans too. Check out Ironwood Forest National Monument for some dispersed...
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    Hey all, Barry had sent me some additional photos I can share… Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Recommendations for replacement Battery for Unimog 1300 in the USA

    …..yes of course, fixed thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Recommendations for replacement Battery for Unimog 1300 in the USA

    Are these for starter or house side? Take a look at your current group size to match. For start batteries, Interstate is a solid choice, compare CCA and get the highest rated one you can find in a reputable quality battery. Often a deep cycle/start/marine battery will have a better build and be...
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    SOLD: 2019 EarthCruiser FX

    Dang….missed seeing you at expo in Loveland. Beauty of a rig! Sounds like you’re out enjoying yourselves, and the rig, maybe 2nd thoughts on selling since at least it’s being used, maybe not for it’s original intended purposes, but hopefully that’ll come. We’ve narrowed our search for our next...
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    Lower budget fridge? Iceco?

    Yes, the Truckfridge line is a lower price point and often has less bells and whistles, no fancy stainless fronts, latches, etc. but contain the same compressors and boxes as Indel-B’s more well known, higher priced branded lines. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lower budget fridge? Iceco?

    Timely article, although doesn’t really cover budget options in the least. I’ve been using a Truckfridge T130 in our rig, and many of the van upfitters are using them too, no issues and the price was below what other comparable...
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    New custom leaf spring question

    I don’t think 100 lbs is going to make much difference in your overall weight and spring build specs. It would be easier to add a 1” block in the rear if needed, than to add lift to the front coils (I’m assuming). You could give Atlas a call to play it safe and ask if it’ll make any difference...
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    Thoughts on the Truckhouse Tacoma expedition camper...

    I’m not sure why there was so much shade being thrown at these guys right out of the gate? Now we all know it’s at least for real. Is this build for everyone? No, but that’s what’s so great about having more choices becoming available and the ambitious people willing to take the leap to bring...
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    What is the base vehicle for a Four Wheel Camper Flatbed?

    The Granby is their largest and heaviest flat bed camper, and designed to fit on long bed trucks with an 8’ flatbed, the Tundra does have an option for an 8.1’ bed but it also has the lowest payload capacity of any full size truck out there, thus not really suited for a large heavy camper. You...
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    Rare Bird indeed!

    Pretty sure it’s just stickers, here’s another…. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk