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    SAT Communicator or SAT Phone?

    Having owned an iridium for years, having used it mostly in the marine environment, when it works, can’t beat it, when it gets flaky I want to smash into the wall. All this being said, I like the ability to talk to rescue personnel directly, and have!
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    Los Angeles to Alaska or bust

    Thinking late spring. One thought is to to Bellingham and grabbing the ferry to save time from traveling in Canada.
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    Los Angeles to Alaska or bust

    Having not been on a bike for the past 20 years, now planing a trip from Los Angeles to Alaska next spring. My first thought was buying a Harley Sportster and doing a Then Came Bronson tribute. Next thought was a 1150GS, not planing on off roading, and a bit larger than most duel purpose...
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    Van rental for Pacific Coast Highway trip

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    Ensenada Mexico Trip for young family of 4

    And no "Medical Marijuana"! Big sign at the border reminding everyone.
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    Ensenada Mexico Trip for young family of 4

    As someone who's in the Baja every few weeks, I'll quote what I tell everyone "I feel safer in Baja then in L.A." The only thing to remember when traveling anywhere in the world, don't be flashy.
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    1978 Blazer with FWC $2000 COLORADO

    This thing is great. If it was within easy drive range, I'd own it. I might even tell the wife.
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    Solar Generator Build

    Nice build, what kind of mobile office with the fire power on the dining room table?
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    Coolest H1 around

    I think it's been on the market for quite sometime, at least six months
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    Montero found on Ebay

    Not mine, no relationship, just came across it. To much shiny stuff on tires...
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    Ryobi Gen Sine Wave Test

    Here is an article with what my old boss called a Primary Visual Aid. Cheap inverters put out modified sine wave, better on put out pure sign waves. For anything that needs 60 cycles, better inverters are required...
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    families on the road...Homeschooling?

    Look at
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    Is this power inverter overkill?

    Of course it's overkill, but it sounds as if the price was right. One thing to remember is the "overhead " of just switching it on and having it run.
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    thumbs up for T-Mobile international data service

    Look at Project Fi from Google. Interesting pay as you go and 160 nations.
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    1986 Mercedes-Benz G Wagon 300GD Diesel 4x4 G-Class

    Funny, perhaps PalmSurf should think about becoming an advertiser here. It's one of the failures of the whole social media movement, as Wavy Gravy should have said, Capitalists, what a concept, think they can get free media.