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    Anyone with an AT Overland Summit?

    I am very interested in a Summit, Does anyone have pictures of a Summit on a Toyota Crewmax Tundra (mine is a 19' TRD pro..) I want to get an idea of what the overhang looks like. and what the added height would be from the bed rails with a Fan, and Max traxs installed across the front of the...
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    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    looks like it has been thoroughly ruined to me... basically they have taken a vehicle that could have easily sold 1/2 as many as a Jeep wrangler and easily doubled JLR's production numbers and profit and made it into a caricature of what it was. At best this is a good replacement for the LR4...
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    Anyone attending Rovers at Wintergreen?

    Not sure which group i'll roll with this year, either medium or advanced... advanced is fun (40 degree downslope .. anyone :))
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    Bought a couple of 110's

    I hope you put some seats in the bed or the chicken tax is going to be 25% instead of 2.5%
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    Anyone attending Rovers at Wintergreen?

    I'll be there as well. (white D90), for an LR3 doing the moderate trails, Sliders if you have them but more don't have a lot of stuff on the roof. The trails we use are actually hiking trails we maintain for wintergreen so some parts are tight. awnings and stuff hanging off the side racks get...
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    Made the jump to 33x12.50 on the LR3

    just be aware when you are running that high up, the tire wear will be on the outside edge of the tire as it puts the hub into positive camber. Been there... Ideally i would run as low as possible with an SYA kit, and do an alignment. looks good
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Just finished the LHD conversion, fuel injection, and some other projects on the new to me 1992 110 from ZA...
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    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    That's what i was worried about - a dual radiator setup like the D5 will place a lot of the vulnerable bits lower in the front - see how far the front spoiler extends down.... This is fine for Aero but will suck for fitting bumper and winches and such to it. i was really hoping for an IFS +...
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    FYI Fake defender for sale

    He should just say its a Santana and still ask 65k... nothing wrong there. I mean good luck but no foul.. to the in the know its not a defender to someone who doesn’t care (most of them BTW) its a Defender (even the 110’s and the 90’s which are pre-defender Land Rover products.) if he improves...
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    Bluetooth and rapid charger for LR3 (and others)

    no - it is just a connection to your phone - you control everything from there. there is no integration into the LR system.
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    Bluetooth and rapid charger for LR3 (and others)

    Mine arrived today, I’ll install it in a bit.
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    LR3/LR4 owners: What height do you set your suspension?

    for non-sya trucks locally (2 of my friends specifically), all we did to clear the 275mm tire was lift it 10mm via the gap tool. No need for anything more and the trucks maintain all normal modes. For mine (SYA Kit + lift rods) I recentered the shocks at +/- 0 via adding 50mm to the stock ride...
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    At horizon cover - anyone have a good solution?

    I need to move the horizon out of the garage for a project truck and need a waterproof cover for it since I keep it packed and ready to go. Any leads would be great, I was thinker no a Jeep cj cover might work but if anyone has done it please let me know. I’d rather not do a full custom deal...
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    Building 10 Disco 2 vehicles for an expedition company..

    If you use a Tecomotive controller for the CWA200 Pierburg coolant pump (BMW. Merc, etc) you have a very efficient modern pulse pump with a wholly separate control ECU that draws a max of 16.5 amp - this will also drive Electric fans and continue to pump after shutdown to prevent heat soak...
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    LR3 Air Suspension Diagnosis

    you have 3 valves in the LR3.. Each one costs about $150 (just an FYI).. Leaking can be caused by any of the 3 - typically bleeding between the galleries, or the lines at any point but usually where the plug into the valves. On my truck i ended up replacing all 3 over time, the Mid-valve b/c...