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    2007 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Diesel LHD Florida

    You can "title" just about anything in Florida. You'll find TONS of grey-market cars down there. They aren't legal for highway use and if found on road or reported to customs they will take it and crush it at your loss.
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    Looking For New (to me) Vehicle

    And yes I know there is a similar thread on this from another Michigander, but wanted to compare the suggestions with a different total budget. :unsure: Looking around and trying to find a new toy to road trip around the US and camp out of come this spring. Quick background: Currently own and...
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    Cummins RePowered 1985 Toyota pickup, aka RePowerToy

    I love it. I'll take two of them. Third party out of state check? Lol, good luck with the sale! Oh for more disposable income...
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    Need to regear 2006 Tundra DC

    Better fuel mileage would have been great, but the truck just feels solid with the 4.88s. Total butt dyno effect. I forgot what the truck felt like stock after running 33s on stock gears for ~65k miles, but now it feels like it has many much more power, which is nice. I daily drive my truck...
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    Need to regear 2006 Tundra DC

    Haven't put a full tank through it yet. Still putting around breaking everything in. I'm running 285/75/18 on some steelies I picked up for pennies. I'll make sure to come back and post mileage numbers once I have some.
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    Need to regear 2006 Tundra DC

    Just an update for anyone that might read this later. I went with 4.88s with an Eaton (Detroit) Locker in the rear. Zero regrets. Feels spot on with the 35s. The locker is super quiet and I've had zero drive-ability issues. Hopefully it isn't too much fun once the snow flies.
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    Need to regear 2006 Tundra DC

    Needed new tires and decided to have some fun with the truck now that it's about to turn over 100k miles and needs a list of PM items addressed anyways. Going with Toyo A/T II in 285/75R18 after picking up a set of 18x8 steelies and will need to regear. Unrelated, but absolutely loved the...
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    FS 1987 Mitsubishi Montero Gen 1

    I'm interested. Sent a PM asking a couple quick questions.
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    First Gen Tundra - Stuff and Things

    Got bored and started compiling a list of the various Tundra goodies I've seen in various threads that I've randomly bookmarked and whatnot. Seeing as the aftermarket is overflowing with options for the best gen Tundras, I thought I would start to make a list of where things can be found. If...
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    Possible front bumper option for the tundra.

    I'm in eastern Michigan.... I want one, lol.
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    My extremely slow 2001 Tundra build thread

    Yeah, he's been really quick to answer any questions I had. Do you have another picture showing the front of the truck that's more level?
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    My extremely slow 2001 Tundra build thread

    Looks good. I've been going back and forth in my head whether or not to get one for my '06 dbl cab. Might have to finally pull the trigger.