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  • Hi RMP&O, just saw an ooold post of yours where you mentioned loving the supercharger on your '04 Tacoma. I've got the same truck with about 200k miles on it, and am thinking about adding the supercharger. Maybe you dont even have the truck anymore, but did the 'charger work out just as well for you over the life of the truck? Any issues? How did it effect your gas mileage? Thanks!
    Enjoying the 60/80 build! Nice bumping into you guy's out West. (I was with Kevy in the big white Chevy)
    Hey RMP&O- I am looking at importing a Nissan Patrol(1983-1985 LWB Diesel), and I came across your post about importing one a while back. I was just wondering if you have any insight about the process you would like to share, I have looked at shipping costs and have that figured out for the most part but if you have any tips or information about it please let me know. Thanks.
    Hi RMP&O,

    My pet peeve (Colombia) as well so I corrected the spelling. I also used to work and live there during the early 1990s. If you need a travelling companion, please email me as per my profile. However, 2010/11 would be better and allow more time for planning.

    Cheers, Jan
    Hey RMP&O thanks for the message. My travel experience only goes as far south as Puerto Vallarta, but I have done many long distance trips throughout the US both on and off roads.

    I would very much like to meet up at some point in our travels, I too will be traveling alone.

    As for fuel costs, I am setting aside $3400, I would hope you get better mpg than I do with only 15 highway and roughly 10 off road mpg. I estimated for me around 10,000 miles to panama and back. I have a extensive list of beaches and city that I would like to visit, but as for the route I am just going to see where it takes me, so I am flexible as to how long I stay in certain areas.

    If you have any questions fee free to ask.

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