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    Tacoma Sleep Platform and Drawers slow build

    I have a 50 quart ARB and used to have it mounted behind the passenger seat similar to your setup. It didn't work well there because it is too tall, the passenger seat had to be slid far forward or else it could not be reclined. Also, here in the desert it got too hot in the cab and caused the...
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    Using a rifle case(s) for roof storage?

    Cheap rifle cases are not waterproof. If you want a waterproof case you will be spending over $100, closer to $200. If that's still in your range or you can deal with waterproof-ish cheaper alternatives you could /will be stopped depending on the state and area. In my mind the real downside...
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    Strange RTT issue

    Measure the width at the rear bottom of the shell as well (at the the tailgate). Could be that the roof load is causing the bedsides to bow out at the rear where they are unsupported at the tailgate, thus allowing the back of the shell to drop slightly.
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    How are you guys routing your rack lights 2nd gen Taco?

    I ran mine under the hood hinge then up in the channel on the windshield seal. Then I put a notch in the rubber filler piece above the door to run the wire in at the top of the windshield and out by where I put the QD for my lights.
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    ARB cords and fridge mods

    I changed mine out to the powerlet locking plug after having trouble with mine.
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    2012+ Tacoma Bumper Shake

    Is it loose when you grab it and shake it? It could be that the body is actually moving and since the bumper is fixed to the frame it seems like that is what is moving. I thought my ARB was shaking, but its really the hood and body that are moving slightly. That made it seem like it was...
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    Added guages

    Also, you must know what "normal" is for whatever you're monitoring. I may see my transmission temperature is 230 but is that acceptable? But, I digress... I haven't added any gauges but I do have a scan gauge II hooked up. I use it for monitoring such useful things as intake air temp...
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    ARB Bullbar Mods

    To open a can of worms and a portal into insanity; How about adding recovery points to the front of a 2nd Gen Tacoma ARB? Opinions range from "its easy" to "you'll shoot your eye out". How did you do it? Where did you source them? How did you make the mounting location strong enough...
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    ARB Tent ladder question. Lock?

    Not to thread jack, but what is the "correct" angle for the ladder to be at? This got me thinking about my setup...
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    ARB Tent ladder question. Lock?

    Pretty sure mine locks open. It's 7000 miles away right now so I can't check. It should have holes for the locking pins to go into when open. Dumb question, but one section isn't upside down is it? Edit: looks like it's not fully extended in your picture. You may need to add holes for the...
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    Battleship Jones: 2015 Tacoma DCLB Build Thread

    Re: mounting switches: I'm planning to fabricate a switch panel that goes in the junk holder in the bottom of the center stack. I only use it to hold a spare charger for the GF and some pens and crap anyway. Might be able to hold your seven or so switches in that area.
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    TRD off road package a good value?

    Doesnt the TRD get steeper gears? I know mine is 3.73 with the manual, not sure what the other models get.
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    Fridge problems

    Could be several causes: 1-The wire you used is too small. 10 ga minimum, I used 8. 2-Poor connection to the socket. I converted mine to a powerlet locking socket.
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    ARB Series 3 Simpson RRT?

    Still have the stock mattress in mine, just put the pillow top on it.
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    ARB Series 3 Simpson RRT?

    I'm a few thousand miles from my tent so I can't confirm the width for you. I can detail my experiences with this RTT. Overall, I love it. I won't go into ground vs RTT since you seem to have made that decision already. -The mattress isn't supportive enough for me. I'm 6'2" 215 lbs (you can...