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    Santana/Defender 110 Overland Build Cummins R2.8

    Gran trabajo.👏👏👏
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    Is this a series III

    It's an English series III. The interior finish is the same as a 88" "ESPECIAL" from 1978 that I had until a few years ago. I also have to say, I did not set up a gasoline engine in the series III 88", (as far as I was alone in the "LIGERO") Santana's gasoline version in the Series III only rode...
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    1991 Land Rover Santana 109

    Nice example, but I think that if it is 91 what you have is a "Santana" since in 1987 Land Rover finalized its contract with "Metalurgica de Santa Ana" who was the one who made them in Linares. Anyway I have to say that here in Spain even if it only came out with the name "Santana" in 90% of the...
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    If remounts the Defender seeing how it looks after the accident proves to be a real "Landrovero" and lover of the brand, because if I had not sent to a recycling center that would have been cheaper, so I'm sure not will put on sale, especially as the license of Defender and Spain is not passed...
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    Gravelly Range, SW Montana - Four Days and 100 Miles of Dirt

    Very good article and magnificent landscapes
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    Micro adventures of the NW rockies

    Great pictures and very beautiful landscapes.
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    Trip Video: The Maze District of Canyonlands National Park

    Fantastic video, fantastic photos, a breathtaking journey.
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    My First Week Exploring Utah, 4/12-4/19 2014

    Very nice photos, thanks for sharing.
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    UCE3 - Utah Cruiser Expedition 3

    An awesome adventure , I'm from Spain and the part I could do not live a crossing that one-tenth of that is enough, and I speak only for travel on the tracks. I am one who prefers to turn to get out of a road , like the friends I go out , especially damage we could cause , come on, we respect...
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    Camel Trophy Kalimantan Documentary

    Great adventure of Kalimantan, a curiosity, Spain was the only country that included two teams in the Camel Trophy had their own selection to a national team and the team of the Canary Islands. I tried to find out why they did it, but never found anyone who knew the answer for sure. regards
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    Post your tents

    I can not have it installed to run on forest tracks also if I have MT tires mounted and used only for rescue.
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    Post your tents

    Unfortunately the damage that may have to do a bunch of crazy people who have dedicated themselves to move out of the forest tracks which have led went for a walk with the family and enjoy the nature we are the most affected by these laws. Here it is easier to prohibit regular basis. By the...
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    Post your tents

    The last thing I have is that not allowed to travel on forest tracks if I have fitted a winch and tires than road or mixed, from the moment you put MT tires and winch could not travel on forest roads and the use of winch only allowed in case of real emergency rescue. If only I had mounted tires...
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    Post your tents

    The difference is that you are free to go places like Moab, Rubicon, etc. here ....... laws forbid us circulate Mount June to October, it is forbidden to camp on the beach (this time we have been at a campsite), practically for driving on the mountain roads the vehicle has to be in series, from...