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    WTB: AluCab Gen 3 Aluminum Expedition Roof Top Tent - Colorado - Will travel

    No worries! Mine is one year old, includes a 180w Sunflare Solar Panel installed on the roof as well as roof rack cross bars. Its in great shape minus the stickers. But OK4WD has offered to send new ones as soon as they’re in stock. Ill be asking around $4k as it is over $5k new with panel and...
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    Deadman Off Road Winch Anchor

    Brand New, never used. $250 Shipped to lower 48 or local pickup in Phoenix.
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    AT Habitat 5' bed for sale

    Hmm I wonder how it would fit on my Gladiator.
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    WTS: Garmin InReach Mini, Trigger Accessory/Light Controllers, ArcTeryx Atom LT

    Let me know if you decide to ship. Interested in the 4 Shooter.
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    For Sale: Garmin Fenix 5x watch

    Great watch, I love mine! GLWS!
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    SOLD: 2015 4Runner Trail Premium – Apollo From XO – Complete Overland Build - $37k

    Who’s wants to buy my Gladiator? 😂 knew I should’ve waited.
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    ALU-CAB 2016 + Tacoma

    If only you where closer...what are you going with now?
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    ARB annex room

    How’s it hold up in the rain? Keep you pretty dry?
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    finally got done with my grab handles for my truck

    Are you trying to sell these?
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    (purchased) WTB Alu-Cab Gen 3 Expedition Tent or Similar

    I’ve seen a package for sale here in Phoenix on Facebook Market Place. I believe it’s the outbound off-road selling it. Might be worth reaching out to them and checking out. I have a Alucab tent and absolutely love it.
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    2 American Camp Chairs For Sale SOLD

    They chairs are excellent! I have one and love it.
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    Diesel heater 3kw 12v NEW, like an espar or webasto but chinese

    So could I use this to heat my roof top tent? Thinking I could mount in in a case in my truck bed then run a small duct up to the tent. Any concerns with carbon dioxide with it being a Chinese copy?
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    Alu-Cab Explorer Canopy for 2nd Gen Short Bed Toyota Tacoma

    Definitely interested. Let me do some research to make sure it will fit my Gladiator. From what I’ve beard t should fit pretty well.