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    '98 Mitsubishi Montero Engine Swap

    I’ve never done the trans swap but many people here have. Still, I know it’s a big job and not one I’d do if I had a trouble free trans even with higher mileage.
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    '98 Mitsubishi Montero Engine Swap

    Why do the work of swapping a perfectly good transmission? These transmissions are known to last a long time. I’d maybe keep a known good transmission as a spare just in case, but since the two jobs can be done separately, why not put another 100k on the current trans and see what happens.
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    '98 Mitsubishi Montero Engine Swap

    Just swap the engine not the can do that in a week or less....unless you know the donor body has a bad trans.
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    What did you do to your Mitsubishi today?

    Repaired the flex pipe flange on the upstream side of the downstream cat. I used one of those two piece generic flanges from NAPA for the first time. Worked great.
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    Gen 2.5, lost screwdriver bits in dash vent

    I was hoping someone knew where the vent connects under the dash and if it is accessible from underneath.
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    Gen 2.5, lost screwdriver bits in dash vent

    I was working on my dashboard area and I lost two philips bits into the windshield / dashboard vents. I heard them roll a little after they went in. I fished around with a magnet on a stick but no luck. Anyone know if there is an easy way to recover them?
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    exhaust gasket keep blowing out on Gen 2.5

    What’s the exhaust shop suggesting? Only thing I can think of would be making sure all the rubber mounts are correct......exhaust systems are made to “float” and move a little. Make sure nothing is hard mounted to the frame.
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    Gen 3 Montero P0455 Code. Any Ideas?

    Too bad they didn’t put a little more effort into it. A webcam on a stick might have shown more detail.
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    Help identifying a coolant hose.

    I don’t believe you need a part number, your local auto parts store should be able to sell you a piece of hose to match. If it’s leaking on the top side, before you do anything else, trying trimming 1/4” or so off the end and reattach it. Might work, it’s usually the ends that get stretched...
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    The future of electronic stuff

    I think we need to better define “off-road” here first......everyone has a slightly different vision in their head when they say that. Mine is not what Toasty’s is for example. And that means a lot when comparing older vs. newer....also define “superior”.....feels like an episode of Top Gear...
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    Gen 1 A/C

    When you restart engine, is the a/c compressor running? I know the compressor has a clutch.....maybe the clutch has failed in the on position?
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    Dino hunting 1995 LS build

    Tell us more about the supercharger plan
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    The old 1999 build thread

    3 connection points?
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    Rear license plate bracket loose

    Step up to a bigger size stainless screw and cover it with anti-seize before you thread it in.
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    1998 Montero Street Build

    I’ve often wondered about how much communication there is between the engine and’s not something that comes up very often but I guess it must else would a trans know when to shift at different rpm’s depending on load and driver demand? The trans must use...