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    Isuzu D'max

    I agree Graham beats on that little truck pretty good, and as far as I can tell, never broken anything. I think slightly bigger tires and maybe some skids are the only mods. I wonder if it is an emissions issue. We seem to not get a lot of the cool little diesel trucks for that reason...and...
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    Stainless steel and Prop 65

    How bizarre. Correct me if I'm wrong but your supposed to eat off of the plate not eat the plate itself, correct? Wonder what steel his utensils are. Has he ever used a pan coated in teflon? Does he have a water purifier for his water. Sheesh. Some poeple just overthink things to the point of...
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    Rear Winch wiring using jumper cables; what am I missing?

    One thing to take into consideration is how long is the run? For a front mounted winch with 3' of cable from the battery to the winch 2ga might work. For the same winch rear mounted may require 16+' of cable and need to be 0 ga. Undersizing a cable is a bad idea. As mentioned by campstewart...
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    Better 6p tent than an REI basecamp? Need stormproof and good ventilation.

    If you want the strongest tents look into mountaineering base camp tents such as those by The North Face and the like. Quality is going to cost you but pay once cry once. $500 for a tent that size isn't much for quality. I have seen the Alaskan Guide by Cabelas and it looks like it should...
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    fire extinguisher recommendation requested

    Well that makes sense. When I read it I thought the extinguisher body was band clamped to the cage not the bracket.... Darrell
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    What do you use for deflating your tires?

    Over the years I progressed from a 1) A twig to depress the schrader to 2) The screw on type the come screwed togehter on a key ring , but I always was worried about getting sidetracked and having to air up some to get to the deired pressure. That never did happened. A friend of mine has been...
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    fire extinguisher recommendation requested

    Secure but how long does it take to find a screwdriver and unscrew the clamps to get to the extinguisher? Darrell
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    fire extinguisher recommendation requested

    Subscribed...curious what people are going to recommend. I have a 2.5 lb powder extinguisher. but something that didn't make quite as much of a mess (halon?) might be nice. Darrell
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    On board air VS Portable compressor VS Powertank/CO2

    I would get a good electric unit. I don't have one to recommend as all my friends run York units. In my Scout I run a high output York but they are difficult at best to mount to a new engine. I can control the output by varying engine speed if need be. IMO the Co2 systems are really neat but...
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    My new Slide In Truck Camper

    The only question you have that I have a suggestion about is lighting. You can get LED rope lighting that both has a dimmer and the ability to change colors. Since you can get them in differnt lengths you could have a right and left or front and rear light or just one for the entire camper and...
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    Used 4X4, won't move now

    Since it worked until you shifted back into 2wd I would focus on the t-case and shifter/shift motor electrics depending on the type of shift system you have. Darrell
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    fwc and bears

    If a bear wants in nothing short of a tank is going to stop it, period. They will rip doors and trunks open without trying very hard. Best option is to follow bear safe camping/food/trash storage. I would never say a bear is docile or not to worry about it but that being said I have had dozens...
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    Use of WAG bags and PETT potties

    Do you use a special cat litter to get rid of the #2 smell or do you not notice it so much on the 2nd and 3rd uses? I typically get 3 uses out of a WAG before having to get a new one. WAG bags have on "odd" smell but it isn't as bad as the #2 without chemicals added. Darrell
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    butane below freezing

    Another thought would be to use a full height full wrap windscreen and insulate the canister from the cold ground/snow. This would contain the heat both around the canister and the pot. Of course, just like in the vid above, you need to be able to light it and have it put out enough heat to...
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    That age-old dilemma: Double down or fold?

    If you look at my avatar you can see I like old iron. I have done some upgrades to it over the decades and it gets well maintained. I'll take it anywhere anytime...and do. It is stupid simple to work on and since I have had it for about 39 years now I know every single component very well. New...