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    Onboard Water Tanks, do you drink from them?

    We drank out of both our trailers water tanks for years now. I do change and it it between trips.
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    2007 Jumping Jack Build

    After six years of ownership we moved to a teardrop just so we could extend of season of travel. The JJ is a very well built trailer and we were very happy with it. It has been modified a bit (see pics on this site), has most of the options from JJ. A 30 gallon fresh water tank and electric pump...
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    2007 Jumping Jack Build

    Levelers. I store them on the back.
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    2007 Jumping Jack Build

    Funny you should ask. I have been planning to sell it for three months now. The problem is that we’ve been on vacation most of the time.
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    2007 Jumping Jack Build

    I welded two more jacks on the back corners. Yes, it is a tripod using the front jack but it is very fast to level.
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    Trying to decide between SoCal teardrop and overland Explorer TDK!! Please help

    Same with us. We worked with Michael at Wanderlust so we could have these done right after the build was done.
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    Registering a brand new So Cal Tear Drop with VIN at AAA

    It was only three trips to the DMV for us. We had ours built in Oregon which ended up being a can of worms. It is now a Wanderlust brand trailer and not a So-Cal. Have all your measurements ready and try not to show the galley if you can.
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    Balance your trailer tires?

    I have my setup so I could use my trailer tires for an emergency spare if needed, so they are balanced.
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    Wireless trailer interface

    I just returned from a very nice three day trip and had on two occasions, my trailer lights not working at all. I try to remember to check them at each stop and found they weren’t working while filling up with fuel. I un and ré plugged in the harness which made them work again but it is still a...
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    Giving Dobinson Suspension a try...

    I was going to start a new thread but decided to post here. Went with the company color shocks, springs and upper control arms. I tow a teardrop trailer and this setup has helped a lot. We just return from a week in Gold Butt and Toroweap areas, with a lot of dirt roads and were better than I...
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    2007 Jumping Jack Build

    Not really, when I’ll be selling the trailer soon and hopefully whoever buys it will want them.
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    2007 Jumping Jack Build

    Looking at your pic, I see that you already have a 1” lift block on the trailer. Someone else I talked to, measured and ordered a new Dexter torsion with the 45° angle, added some lift, got the six lug hubs and was very happy. These axles are not very expensive and you won’t be having any...
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    Partner stove mod.. piezo ignition

    Did you get a kit for the ignition?
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    2007 Jumping Jack Build

    For a short time, Rob and company were using 22.5° drop instead of 45°, which I think may be the issue if the clearance is so low.
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    2007 Jumping Jack Build

    Here is a pic if the difference with the lift.