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    2001 4x4 4runner build. At Molasses pace

    Your truck was one that inspired my love for 3rd gen 4runners, I'm glad to hear it's still out and about.
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    Trail Tailor Roof Top Tent and 1st gen Tacoma Bed Rack

    Trail Tailor brand roof top tent, in very good shape with minimal use. Includes zip on room with floor that has never been used. Rack is custom built for a 2003 double cab short bed tacoma, includes to removable cross bars and full perimeter frame for the bed. Asking $1500 for both.
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    I hate this process. Vehicle ideas/input?

    Hello there, forest service fleet maintenance guy here. The only reason we have vehicles from the big three is because we have to, if I could get rid of all my 1/2 ton GMs/Fords/Dodges and replace them with tacomas/tundras/4runners I would do just that.
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    1st gen tacoma aux fuse box mount.

    Greeting expo folks, I made an auxiliary fuse box mount this weekend for my 2003 double cab tacoma, to mount a bussman fuse box seen here...
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    80 series t-case skid and interior storage racks

    Now that my 80 series is gone, I'm starting to clean out some left overs and have the following parts; T case skid I built for my 1993, that was test fit, but never installed. This bolts to the three threaded holes on the crossmember where the factory "skid" bolts, and then one threaded hole on...
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    Homemade Roofracks.

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    camping/utility/overland trailer No. CA

    Bump 4700 with the tent and wheels and tires pictured.
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    Homemade Roofracks.

    I generally make a simple fairing out of aluminum that contours to the roof with some sort of a rubber barrier between at and the roof. I've attached them to the rack with adel clamps, or sometimes welded brackets on the roof rack. I'll have to ask the owner what he is going to do.
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    Homemade Roofracks.

    I posted that rack on Tacomaworld too. I'm not sure what you are asking about crossbars, we didn't cut out anything. Mike
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    2013 Land Cruiser Rust? From Connecticut

    Looks about average for a 5 year old truck that has spent its life in the northeast. Seems totally workable though if you're willing to do the touch ups needed. My primary concern would be whats going on in all the hidden places you cant see, like inside the frame.