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    Silverado 3500 4x4 - Flatbed Alaskan Mountain Roamer

    I've owned a 02 2500 for a few years and have worked on them longer. They're awesome, they just use a bit of oil when towing heavy.
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    Silverado 3500 4x4 - Flatbed Alaskan Mountain Roamer

    Good powertrain, the second best GM big block/trans combo ever, the best is one with the 6 speed Allison. Looking forward to your build.
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    2000 Pierce 4x4 tilt cab fire truck, CO GovDeals ends Jul-14

    Even if you're on the way to a fire? I work on stuff like this and would have to agree with you.
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    Jeep Cherokee Widetrack Revival - with questions for the experts - Stoffregen Motorsports

    Good to see you're not LS swapping it, AMC power all the way. The supply of old trucks and their parts are definitely drying up and cost a lot more than I remember from my days as a young man. I owned a '78 Levi edition widetrack with a 4 speed years ago, man that was a fun ride.
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    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    Sportsmobile for sale in Hayden ID, not mine, just see it driving by for work.
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    SOLD: Lodge Cast Iron

    Heck of a deal. Wish I was closer.
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    1981 International S1800 Off-Road 4x4 ($109k)

    For now, pretty soon no one can have anything.
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    Larger than a Dana 60?

    X2 on Irate4x4. I know they made some open knuckle Dana 70 steer axles for Ford Fsuperduty 4x4 conversions and Chevy medium duty 4x4 conversions. The ones I've seen and worked on were 1980s and 90s rigs. I have one from a early 90s Ford Fsuperduty tow truck. They had 10 lug hubs and used Dana...
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    1989 F-Super Duty Custom 4x4 Motorhome $40k

    Now that is cool and actually looks pretty good inside.
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    Port Renfrew Winter 2022 Camping Trip

    Speedos are year 'round wear, just wear GoreTex speedos in the winter. I grew up in northern CA near the coast, there's something just awe inspiring about being on the beach in a raging winter storm. Makes a person feel very small and insignificant compared to mother nature.
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    International 3800 adventure bus build

    Nice job. The 8LL is going to be so much more betterer than your old 545 boat anchor. Your bus will be able to leap tall mountains in a single day now without overheating or running away on the downhill. Good job on replacing the rear main seal while you were there too.
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    M2 Freightliner Ambulance Conversion Project. 2007 Crew Cab

    Semi retired? LOL. Looking forward to the build on your big truck.
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    Overland through Niger, Chad, Central African Republic

    Love the photos, thanks for posting.
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    Overland through Niger, Chad, Central African Republic

    Very nice. I spent time when I was a kid in Zambia and south. Wish Africa didn't have all the fighting because it is an awesome place to travel, the sights and the people are the best in the world.