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    Show your Thumper!!

    2016 Honda CRF250L LRP (Little Red Pig),bought new with 9 miles on the odo on 4-6-17,have about 2,450 miles on it as I type :)
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    1995 Suzuki Sidekick Tinker Toy

    Yeah,they can be (tough). It's primarily a twice broken neck (C2 and C4),but there was also damage in th eback from the C-spine all the way down...seems a lifetime ago,despite flare-ups in recent years,LOL! I've been mtn biking a day or two longer...I was racing motocross as a teen in the...
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    1995 Suzuki Sidekick Tinker Toy

    Cool,thanks for the link,my friend,I "saved to watchlist",we'll see what next month's budget looks like :D Here's my old rack,I sold it several months back when it was looking like I might not be riding so much for a long time (not looking like that now,thankfully)... I (literally) just...
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    1995 Suzuki Sidekick Tinker Toy

    Loving the build,my friend! That gen 'Kick is on my short list of "wish I had one" and "next time I'm buying a ride". If you don't mind my asking,where'd you buy the bike rack,and how much of the $150 was it? Since selling my old Jeep and it's hitch rack along with it,been hauling our (my son's...
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    Post your tents

    I've done that in the past as well. Back when I owned/drove a tractor and flatbed trailer long haul,for a few years,I even used one of those (very heavy duty for non-trucking tarp use) tarps cut to fit as tent footprints. Kelty just happened to have a great sake going "site-wide",I had a...
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    Post your tents

    LOL,truth that :) Great advice for anyone new to tent camping (we're not new to tents,FWIW,been tent camping all my life,and as a family the 23 years we've been married/all my kid's lives)--Note that we do have and use footprints (from Kelty) for them,the tarps were only for setup for clean up...
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    Van on the Run // Adventures with an Astrovan

    Loving the van (and the trips,as mtn biker since the 80's and a hiker myself). I've been threatening the wife to buy an Astro (otherwise,I'd be looking at a full size,not into other used minivans in my price-range :p ) and build it for camping/road trips (or even living in short term should SHTF...
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    Post your tents

    I use our tents on bikepacking/touring trips as well (they're used most often of any kinda use for overnighter bike trips,with FJ Cruiser-camping 2nd,and longer bike trips rare),so they're not huge or heavy. When going solo (or with my 13 year old son),I mostly take the Kelty Tempest 2,which...
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Our '07 FJ Cruiser,we love it :D
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    80 Series build - The Land Yacht

    Wow......just,wow,amazing :D
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    Roll call on Expo Portal FJ Cruisers....

    1) Model Year: 2007 model 2) Make: I don't know of the model,just a 4x4 fully loaded 3) Purchase Date: Purchased September 16,2014 4) Purchase Mileage: Just under 140K miles 5) Build Strategy: Budget minded (I'm a disabled Veteran on a fixed income with 2 kids aged 12 and 17,LOL),but for...
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    Simple Shower

    Don't be nervous,my friend,all will go great,have faith :)
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    Simple Shower

    AWESOME,my friend,congratulations! :wings: