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    Ford Transit Cab Chassis with Composite Camper

    For what it’s worth in the top of the diesel fuel tank there is a bung in the construction of the tank that will take a piece of pipe can’t remember if it’s 6 or 8 mm but could use it for a pickup for the Diesel heater I used this for a fuel feed for the generator on one of our light rescue...
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    Fuso Diff breather extensions.

    You can tap a thread in the hole by putting a liberal amount of grease on the flutes of the tap and swarf clings to the grease use that method regularly when cleaning spark plug holes or vacuum takeoff in a inlet manifold
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    Mercedes 1222A.. The beginning!

    Alright fellows what about using the second snorkel for the cabin fresh air intake did the North/West corner a couple of years ago up the Oodnadatta,Tanimi ,Gibb River ,Karijini plenty of dirt roads and very little dust in the camper ran the air through a Toyota Hiace air cleaner and a boat...
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    Fuso Diff breather extensions.

    Grant diff and gearbox /transfer case breathers are available as kits or what I used to do in the workshop because I had the bits on the shelf for other jobs these bits are available from Repco ,Bursons , Supercheap and Autobarn the brass male tailpiece comes in a variety of sizes ie 1/8 and 1/4...
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    Mercedes 1222A.. The beginning!

    All looking good we have only used our Honda EU2 gene probably 6 hours in 4 years yes two water systems is a necessity one exclusive drinking water tank gives about 5 weeks drinking plus grog and iced coffee as much going on under the body gotta make the most of every bit of space plenty of time...
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    Best lighting setup to see cattle at night

    Love the H 4 led replacements in the head lights reflectors in the head lights need to be in good condition unfortunately could not fit led globes in the Rally 4000"s and have a light bar as well that came off another vehicle we traded might pay to think about an alternator up grade by the time...
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    Introduction post - aussie canter budget build

    Here goes will try to get the winch photos had to take a photo of a photo cause it was about five years ago every thing was nice and clean back then the compressor is up in the cupboard with the water pumps one for each tank , the house Batterys ,cabin filter and generator
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    Introduction post - aussie canter budget build

    The first time we camped in the canopy on the back of the ute we were wet as till we put carpet on the roof made one hell of a difference and the couple of times we have been in the truck with out the pop top up it condensates badly so you need a bit of air flow as well have a 24 volt ARB twin...
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    Fuso FG 6 speed conversion?

    Dan if you could find a specialist gear shop that does race car gear boxes they may be able to do something but at what cost who knows one of the other mechanics in the neighborhood had one done a few years ago so there are people with the expertise could be a tub of grubs the trucks are pretty...
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    NPS travel truck build

    Happy wife happy life so long as the wheels are turning have no intention of building another one at this stage!! Just a couple of short trips before Christmas then hopefully the Cape next winter . Here we are au just keep slogging away and eventually you get there , don't liken it to a Steggles...
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    Brake controller wiring question - help needed

    Don't know about there but here in Aus. The trailer plug is feed off a "breakout " box in one of the rear quarter panels so I take a wire from the trailer plug brake light terminal wire and run it back to the Redarc controller red wire and the blue wire to the trailer brakes 5 volts from memory...
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    Under cab insulation

    Let's just put it this way we have been married 43 years and I have the last say Yes Dear
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    Under cab insulation

    Doing the freeway trip back from Queensland to Vic and at 95 to 100kph the wind noise is still a problem the engine fan can still be heard but Dynamat made a big difference even had no music on at one stage and could hear the boss
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    Fuso Expedition truck build in ontario

    Cameron while you are going on the Center consol I made for my truck and our local Rescue Truck a map book holder in front of your existing top running down to the floor to hold A3 map books , I still like paper maps . The only down side to Dynamat is I can hear the boss talking to me ha ha !